• pygmy corydoras

    Breeding Pygmy Corydoras

    Small, attractive and immoderately charming, the Pygmy Corydoras is a fantastic aquarium fish. With its relative ease of care and intriguing behaviour...

  • pterois

    Pterois: The Florida Invasion

    Two of the pterois species have developed themselves as a significant invasive species on the East Coast of the USA and the Caribbean, particularly in...

  • apistogramma borelli

    Question: Stocking a 30 Litre Cube

    I have a 30L Fluval nano cube, and I would like to keep something a bit different from the norm. I would prefer colourful and active or quite rare. I&...

  • cleaning an old aquarium tank

    Question: cleaning an old tank

    What’s the best way of cleaning an old and neglected but very nice tank? Lots of scale, quite thick but scraped most off. It’s the cloudin...

  • cardinal tetra

    The Aquaria Trade and its Role within Conservation

    The aquarium trade is a lucrative business. It encompasses the harvesting and distribution of tropical and marine ornamental species, including fish, ...

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