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amano shrimp
Amano shrimp by Leigh Harries

10 Tips for Cleaning Your Aquarium – Making it Easier

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opzioni binarie descrizione del lavoro mediatore One of the biggest causes of aquariums not looking as good as they should do is a lack of good maintenance. Funnily enough, another side effect of this is often poor water quality and a very frustrated aquarist. You have to admit that it isn’t always easy cleaning an aquarium without disturbing your plants, upsetting your fish and covering everything in the surrounding area with fish water. Sympathising with your tireless efforts, here are some top tips to make those cleaning chores a lot easier and an awful lot cleaner.

1. Design your tank to be cleaned

nichtselbständiger handel binäre optionen If you’re forever uprooting your bogwood, disturbing your plants or demolishing your rockwork, you’ll need to think about making your tank more maintenance friendly. Make sure any bogwood is well positioned and unlikely to fall over or obstruct access to other areas in the tank. Rockwork can be secured by sticking smaller pieces together using aquarium safe putty to form larger building blocks for your rocky aquarium décor. Position your tank somewhere that will allow you easy access for aquarium maintenance, not only so you can stick your hands in it but also with access to a sink.

2. Get your credit card out…

forex exchange … but not for splashing out; an old credit card makes the perfect algae scraper. It has a sharp and solid enough edge to remove stubborn algae from your tank’s glass but isn’t so hard that it can scratch. There’s no need to buy anything specially for this job, especially not the washing-up scrubber re-branded as an algae sponge for a wholly unreasonable price.

3. Multi-task

qual a importancia do sistema de comercio exterior brasileiro As wonderful as those electric vacuums are, you may as well use your syphon to remove detritus from your tank when you take water out for a water change. Battery operated vacuums are a little cumbersome to use and don’t really do the job any better than a length of hose used as a syphon. The only time you might need the high-tech version is if you want to give your tank a really good vacuuming without removing its entire volume of water three times over.

4. Give plants an early chop

esercitazione azioni binarie It’s quite evident when a plant has dead and decaying leaves, especially Java Ferns, so why not be harsh and prune back browning leaves right at the base of the stem to prevent further decay. Doing this will allow bright green shoots to replace the browning mess you chop away. Not only will your tank look nicer with dense plant growth, but you won’t be plucking dead leaves from your substrate the week after.

5. Bag up your filter media

mäklare för binära optionerbinär optionen ebook We all love trudging through filter slime trying to fetch every last ceramic ring to put back into the filter after cleaning but there is an easier way: just bag up your filter media before putting it into your filter using some mesh fabric. Some filters even come with little plastic baskets that are perfect for saving you time when cleaning your filter media. Make sure you never use tapwater for this.

6. Add a pre-filter

online trading 60 sekunden Adding a pre-filter, a small filter box used to catch large waste particles before they enter your external filter, is a very good way to ensure your filter stays free from large particles of detritus capable of reducing it to a mere trickle in a very short space of time.

amano shrimp

broker opzioni ninarie Amano shrimp by Leigh Harries

7. Invest in a cleaner crew

generic Keflex without a precsriptions There are many aquatic creatures adept in tank cleaning. Snails and shrimp are very good at scavenging for uneaten fish food and some fish are excellent algae eaters. Amano shrimp are particularly good at keeping aquarium plants algae-free.

8. Chemical Armistice

piataforma per il trading binario Very few chemical products are 100% necessary and those intended to replace effort on behalf of the aquarium owner are the most useless of the lot. Should you find yourself pouring a glob of weekly cleaner solution or ammonia reducer into your tank then you have a serious laziness issue. Your tank should be set up in such a way as to convert ammonia and nitrite into nitrate removable by aquatic plants and water changes.

9. Have two filter sponges

köp Viagra 150 mg online utan recept Despite many internal filters being designed in such a way, having just a single sponge isn’t very handy. It is better to have two sponges so you can replace one at a time whilst still having one mature sponge left in your filter. Even if you don’t have enough space for an extra sponge or biological filter medium, you could try cutting the existing sponge into two pieces.

10. Little and often

köpa viagra 200 mg utan recept över natten sjöfart Keep on top of your maintenance and you will be rewarded with a continuously pleasant aquarium with healthy plant growth, clean sides and a nice fresh looking substrate. Leaving every maintenance task until it looks like an uninhabitable swamp will not only render your aquarium an unpleasant source of embarrassment in your living room, but will also add to the length of time needed to get it back to a decent state.

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