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120 Litres of Beauty

Some tanks have the ability to catch your eye, and that’s exactly what this one does. The vibrancy of the plants, the contrasting colours and impeccable cleanliness give way to an admirable display. Below are some truly fantastic images accompanied with some early setup photos and more information on the aquascape.

120 litre aquascape

There’s so much to take in with this aquascape, especially the striking contrast between the décor and the varying plant tones. Whilst vaguely conforming to the Dutch aquascaping style, this tank doesn’t look as messy or regimented as many, more typical, Dutch scapes can be. In fact, the sparing use of tall background plants and the inclusion of Altelanthera reinekii mini and Staurogyne repens provides the planting variety traditionally associated with this style whilst not restricting the space inside the tank.

aquascape hardscape

The initial hardscape layout seems to resemble a nature aquascape and provides a balanced frame for the plants, whilst also seducing us with twisty driftwood branches, one of which is to be wonderfully adorned with flame moss at a later stage.

colourful aquascape
Having been planted, but not yet fully mature,  this aquascape is already looking glorious. The depth and height of this tank give a dimension to this aquascape that very few planted tanks possess.



Seen from the front, it is clear variety of plants used and the attentive maintenance is highly evident. Everywhere you look there’s intrigue and colour. The plants look to be in perfect health and are exceptionally vibrant.


Full Specification:


Altelanthera reinekii mini

Rotala sp green

Rotala h’ra

Rotala colarata

Dwarf hair grass

Ludwigia arcuata

US fissidens

Flame moss

Staurogyne repens

Rotala macrandra

Pogostemon helferi

Hydroctyle Japan


Black neon tetras



Redline rasboras



60x45x45 CADE Opti-clear Tank, stand, poles,

ADA Amozonia II soil

ADA Nile Sand

Sera 500 reactor

Dupla reg Armature Pro, Dupla magnetic valve, Dupla cylinder 1.5kg and bubble counter

Fluval 406

Vortech mp10

ATI Power module fixture 4x 24w (2x Giesemann midday, 1x KZ fiji purple, 1x Giesemann aquaflora)

Borneo Wild 17mm intake and outtake

Hydor 200w inline heater

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