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Aquascaping off into the sunset

Lighting up the background is a great way to add an extra splash of colour to any aquarium and here we can see a magnificent sunset effect.


Whilst lighting for this aquarium is provided by three 6400 kelvin T5 tubes, the additional lighting used for the sunset was a simple halogen bulb shone against the wall directly behind the aquarium.

The tank itself measures 90 by 35 by 45 cm with DIY substrate and CO2.

The contoured Riccia carpet starts things off well and the branches sweeping across the tank do add a natural look, but there is one single planting element that stands out: colour. The vibrancy of the reds reinforced by the yellow of the sunset makes a very vibrant display.


The bush of alternanthera reineckii to the right is highly impressive feature and is accompanied by steep banks of tall red stems on the left of the tank. The long wavy Vallis to the rear of the tank looks great against the sunset and gives a jungle-like finish to the tank.

Not many fish call this tank home but it’s fair to say that the choice of guppies is a colourful complement to this setup.

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