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Aquatic Eden

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maxalt without a presciption Even simplicity is hard to achieve in aquascaping, and even when you have something no more complicated than a few rocks in a tank, there’s still something that isn’t quite at the right angle. That’s what Sherry, the woman behind this aquascape found when she tried to imitate nature’s beauty and simplicity. Gradually, more and more came out of the tank as it began to take an increasingly pleasing form.

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The plants look healthy, especially the Hemianthus callitrichoides and the tank has an attractive layout. The manzanita wood appears naturally placed and the rocks don’t seem out of place either. Nymphoides sp. always give a good display and normally demonstrate a lot of subtlety in the aquarium.

The full tank specification can be found below and the journal of all changes made to this aquarium can be found here on the Planted Tank Forum.

Tank Specification

7 gallon Aqua Pro Aquarium (50cm x 20cm x 22cm)
ADA Aquasky LED 45cm
Eheim 2210 filter
CO2 paintball canister
Do!Aqua diffuser & bubble counter
Okho stone & mazanita wood with ADA aquasoil new amazonia


Eleocharis acicularis
Hemianthus callitricoides
Nmphoides sp. Tawain
Phyllanthus fluitans
Dwarf red lily


boraras maculata x9
danio erythromicron x2
caridina multidentata x2
pangio kuhlii x2

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