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Breeding Pygmy Corydoras

pygmy corydoras

Small, attractive and immoderately charming, the Pygmy Corydoras is a fantastic aquarium fish. With its relative ease of care and intriguing behaviour, Corydoras pygmaeus makes an interesting breeding project for both the relatively inexperienced and consummate expert alike. At only 3cm or so, the Pygmy Cory is one of the smallest aquarium fish, requiring relatively little space; A 10-gallon aquarium ...

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Pterois: The Florida Invasion


Two of the pterois species have developed themselves as a significant invasive species on the East Coast of the USA and the Caribbean, particularly in Florida. Pterois, or lionfish, are a genus of venomous marine fish originally found in the Indo-Pacific. Pterois, in particular the red and common lionfish, are native to tropical and subtropical regions stretching from Southern Japan ...

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Question: Stocking a 30 Litre Cube

apistogramma borelli

I have a 30L Fluval nano cube, and I would like to keep something a bit different from the norm. I would prefer colourful and active or quite rare. I’m open to cichlids as an alternative to the Standard tropical set-up. Any suggestions? Tim Allman Nice question Tim, and it’s nice to see people looking to keep something a little ...

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Question: cleaning an old tank

cleaning an old aquarium tank

What’s the best way of cleaning an old and neglected but very nice tank? Lots of scale, quite thick but scraped most off. It’s the cloudiness that the scale has left behind I’m having trouble with. Any ideas? Mo Thanks for your question Mo. It’s nice you cleaning an old tank and extending its life however there are a few steps ...

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Rommer Talens’ South American River Biotope

south american river biotope aquarium

Rommer Talens has created a South American river biotope with the aim, as with many biotope aquaria, of making it look as natural as humanly possible. Very few of his plants are positioned below the waterline with the majority being grown above the water, allowed to take nutrients from the water as they please with open access to all the ...

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Lowering Aquarium pH – the Most Effective Methods

lowering aquarium ph, catappa leeaves peat filtering coco leaves

Why lower aquarium pH? It may not have escaped your notice that many of the fish we keep in our aquariums prefer soft, acidic water to thrive. Whilst tank-bred specimens of fish that inhabit soft and acidic waters are often happy in pH-neutral water with moderate hardness, soft, acidic water is preferable and absolutely essential for many breeding projects. Some ...

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Response to Richard LittleJohn’s Shocking Comments on Fishkeeping in the Daily Mail.

goldfish clearly looking shocked

Before we start: This article is a response to the Daily Mail article published here:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2607462/RICHARD-LITTLEJOHN-Lifes-short-measure-goldfish.html The Daily Mail article written by Richard Littlejohn is the basis for any opinions presented in the present article and represent an analysis of the Daily Mail article in relation to established facts concerning fishkeeping that were misrepresented by Mr. Littlejohn. A somewhat shocking ...

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Introducing the Danish Style Aquarium – Dragon’s sunset by Marie-Sophie Germain

dragons fury quality2

Marie-Sophie Germain is no stranger to fishkeeping, having written books on nano aquaria, tropical shrimp and even scorpions. In addition, her articles have appeared in the French magazine Aquarium à la Maison. More recently, Marie-Sophie has been appointed as Community Manager for Dennerle France for whom she created the fantastic Danish style aquarium featured in this article. Striking and bold, ...

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Question: natural Zebra Danio Biotope

zebra danio biotope

‏What is a natural zebra danio biotope? James Neasham Zebra Danio, Danio rerio, are found in India and do not necessarily require an elaborate manifold system to provide strong flow in the aquarium. in many instances, the Zebra Danio is found in slow flowing or stagnant waters. They are equally at home amongst marginal vegetation and rice plants which are ...

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Eheim Aquacompact Nano External Filter Review

Eheim Aquacompact review

The Eheim Aquacompact is an external filter suitable for nano aquariums and grateful we must surely be that Eheim has turned its technical expertise to providing a small and unobtrusive filter for nano aquaria. In the current state of affairs, nano tanks are becoming more and more stylish and improved technology means we can create some fantastic nano aquascapes. The ...

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