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Tom Austin’s River Uruguay biotope

river Uruguay biotope

Tom Austin uses décor collected in his local area to create a fantastic slice of the Uruguay River in which he houses Eartheaters and Redflank Bloodfin. Running a length of over 1800 kilometres through Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, the Rio Uruguay plays host to multiple species of fish. Tom has chosen three of these species for his Rio Uruguay biotope, ...

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Hamza Poonawalla’s Central American Biotope

central american biotope

This Central American biotope, created by Hamza Poonawalla, contains just two species, the Firemouth cichlid, Thorichthys meeki, and Green swordtails, Xiphophorus hellerii. Both of these species are found in Guatemala and Belize. They are both used to habitats with a good amount of marginal vegetation and enjoy a sandy substrate. Hamza Poonawalla’s Central American biotope looks great and provides a fantastic ...

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TMC Aquaray Mini LED 400 Aquarium Light Tile Review

tmc aquaray mini 400 led aquarium light

Many small aquarium lighting units, often sold for nano tanks, offer fairly average light output, and that’s putting it generously. In light of this, many nano aquascapers have taken to the habit of using two compact fluorescent lights over their tanks, typically 11 watts each to provide the light their plants need. Tropical Marine Centre, on the other hand, produce ...

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Support the OATA #handsoffmyhobby Campaign


A new campaign has been launched by Eurogroup for Animals is seeking to have the import of wild-caught animals banned in the EU. Here’s what you can do to help the campaign. What is this animal welfare campaign about? The campaign has been attributed the hash-tag votes4animals and aims to promote animal welfare. The points their manifesto raises appear reasonable ...

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Question: Keeping Boesemani Rainbowfish with Angelfish

Melanotaenia boesemani

Can u keep, say, two Boesemani rainbow fish with a mated pair of angelfish? Ryan Cook Whilst neither Boesemani rainbowfish nor angelfish are the most aggressive species, they are not compatible fish. This is more to do with water parameters than temperament. Boesemani rainbows prefer hard alkaline water whereas angelfish prefer soft and acidic water. There are some reports of these ...

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Arcadia Classica Stretch LED Light Reveiw

arcadia classica stretch led

The Arcadia Classica Stretch is a simple yet stylish aquarium light. It uses a series of 1.5 and 0.24 Watt LEDs in varying configurations depending on the size and type of aquarium. The design is very good and the extendable attaching arms make the light very adaptable. It is very slim and makes very little visual impact on an aquarium, ...

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Pollywog Natural Décor review

coco leaves aquarium

Nothing beats the natural look and many fishkeepers give synthetic ornaments a very wide berth. Why fill your tank with pink gravel topped off with an air driven treasure chest and a plastic skull when you can add beautiful natural items that not only look great, but also improve the environment for your fish. I’ve never asked a fish what ...

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Question: Stocking a 10 Gallon Tank

black neon tetra

I have 10g tank with 5 neon tetra and 2 assasin snails. I know I’m limited in what I can add but could you suggest anything? Hugo Ross  Neon tetra are a peaceful species that make for good community aquarium inhabitants. they prefer soft water but are able to live in pH neutral water, especially tank-bred specimens. Your assassin snails ...

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Aqua Maniac 3D Aquarium Backgrounds Review

3d aquarium background by aqua maniac

There are numerous instances of people trying to create their own 3D aquarium backgrounds, notably for use in cichlid tanks and there are various ways of achieving this: some people opt for the very messy method of carving out a share using large blocks of polystyrene before covering it in a mix of concrete and pigment; others try dabbling in ...

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