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Question: Adding boesemani to a community tank

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Melanotaenia boesemani

الجيش سلام ثنائي الخيار الفوركس Can a pair of boesemani be kept in a 25 gallon planted community tank that already has a couple neon tetras and a dwarf gourami? Todd Dillon There’s no question that your stocking levels are very sensible in terms of fish numbers. A 25 gallon planted tank is a good home for dwarf gourami and neon tetras and your plants ...

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Professional Tank Installation Diary from Fish Doctor – Six Foot Cichlid Tank

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fish doctor aquarium tank

كتابة السيرة الذاتية So my latest assignment was to fit out and install a six foot South and Central American Chiclid tank into a first floor bedroom. After getting the floor surveyed to make sure the weight of the aquarium and cabinet wouldn’t end up in the kitchen below (always an important matter to sort out before putting 850lbs worth of wood, glass ...

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Eheim Aquaball Review

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eheim aquaball review

opzioni binarie ci si può fidare This Eheim Aquaball review was conducted using the 60 model, which pumps up to 480 litres per hour and contains one of the clip on filter media units. There’s something good about realising that a perceived gimmick is actually a great design feature. That’s exactly what you get with the Eheim Aquaball filters which feature, as the name suggests, a ...

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Fennstones Slate Aquarium Ornaments Review

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fennstones hand made slate aquarium ornaments

bit options It’s nice to buy hand crafted products and it’s hard to beat the solid and robust nature of fine craftsmanship. That’s exactly what you get from Fennstones who provide handmade slate aquarium decorations. To start with, their decorations are made from Welsh slate which has been hand picked, washed and then sterilized to ensure an excellent finish and suitability for ...

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White Citrus Ceramics – Unusual Aquarium Décor


For a contemporary fishkeeper, there’s a company out there producing sleek and elegant ornaments that wouldn’t feel out of place in a modern art gallery.   White Citrus Ceramics produce a wide range of out of the ordinary ornaments which could serve as fantastic hiding places for your aquarium inhabitants. They have a stylish selection of ceramic ornaments available online. ...

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