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bamboo shrimp
Sean Murray, Creative Commons

Can I Keep Bamboo Shrimp?

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binäre optionen erfahrungen 2016 Looking at these shrimp you can’t help but think how cool they look. Of course, that’s no premise to buying livestock for your aquarium, especially creatures as delicate as shrimp, but they certainly warrant further investigation.

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bamboo shrimp

opcje binarne ksiazki Sean Murray, Creative Commons

http://nutrilovepets.com/wp-content/plugins/99104061.php köpa tylenol Scientifically known as Atyopsis moluccensis, fan shrimp, wood shrimp and filter shrimp can add themselves to its list of common names. As the various names suggest, bamboo shrimp take on varying shades of brown with a tan-coloured stripe along their bodies. Some even assume a more reddish hue. This shrimp should look more brightly coloured than wood, with many owners associating duller colours with periods of stress.

bdswisst erfahrungen The most noticeable feature of a bamboo shrimp is the fan-like appendages they use for filtering passing water for small food particles. Should you purchase one, you may see them resting in an area of strong water flow. Whilst some bamboo shrimp may be happy to feed on shrimp pellets and wafers, Atyopsis moluccensis is much more likely to sift food particles from the water.

Keeping the Bamboo shrimp

fare soldi online con opzioni binarie The bamboo shrimp prefers a temperature between 22 and 28°C and a pH value between 6.5 and 7.5, although slightly soft and acidic water is ideal.

strategia opzioni binarie kingdom As far as the aquarium setup is concerned, you must provide something it can use as a perch to sit on in flowing water as well as some hiding places as bamboo shrimp need to molt. There are some obvious signs that you haven’t got conditions right, aside from regular water testing, such as the shrimp trying to sift the substrate for food, or worse, escaping the tank.

options tutorial Do not use copper medications when keeping any kind of invertebrates.


ikili opsiyon itiraz Whilst larger than many other shrimp, they won’t pose a threat to any of their smaller invertebrate tank mates. On the contrary, it’s the bamboo shrimp that’s likely to end up on the menu if kept with large fish. Having said that, they can be kept with small fish such as small tetra or rasbora species that may otherwise pose a problem to the likes of Neocaridina shrimp (you don’t need to worry about their shrimplets being eaten)

Can they be bred at home?

taurus opzioni binarie Quite frankly, no. Bamboo shrimp require brackish water for their larvae to develop. Most bamboo shrimp are wild caught.

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