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Introducing the Danish Style Aquarium – Dragon’s sunset by Marie-Sophie Germain

dragons fury quality2

Marie-Sophie Germain is no stranger to fishkeeping, having written books on nano aquaria, tropical shrimp and even scorpions. In addition, her articles have appeared in the French magazine Aquarium à la Maison. More recently, Marie-Sophie has been appointed as Community Manager for Dennerle France for whom she created the fantastic Danish style aquarium featured in this article. Striking and bold, ...

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Hamsa Aqua Design Shallow Tank

hamsa aqua design aquascape

Feast your eyes on this beauty, and check out the tank size too. A lot of work has gone into creating such a masterpiece in a relatively small tank, and it all started with meticulous layout choices. Tank specifications: Size: 60 x 30 x 20 cm Subtrate: silica sand + Tetra Initial stik + ADA Soil New Amazon (Refined) Lighting: ...

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120 Litres of Beauty


Some tanks have the ability to catch your eye, and that’s exactly what this one does. The vibrancy of the plants, the contrasting colours and impeccable cleanliness give way to an admirable display. Below are some truly fantastic images accompanied with some early setup photos and more information on the aquascape. There’s so much to take in with this aquascape, ...

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Peisaj Aquascape


Godea Ionut’s tank is extremely vibrant tank and appears to be a cross between a river scape and planted aquarium. The hardscape is a simple arrangement of rocks and one small piece of driftwood and form a pathway through the centre. The contours of this aquarium are highly pleasing and it is abundantly clear that great attention to detail has ...

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Forest of Angels, a natural aquascape

angel forest aquascape

As far as a purist is concerned, many aquascapes are far more like living pieces of art than a carefully constructed attempt to house tropical fish. This fine tank, on the other hand, is totally contrary to this theory and provides a wonderful environment for livestock. The natural décor is arranged in the most realistic of ways and, thankfully, the ...

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The Making of the Green & Grey Aquascape

green and grey aquascape

As much as hundreds of words could be written about this aquarium, there’s little need to elaborate on what is presented beautifully in these two videos. Scroll down after watching the first video to see the finished tank.    

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Video: 3000 Litre Aquascape

3400 litre aquascape

Most aquatic shops have a display tank or two, some have several, but they are rarely as large or impressive as this one. This 3240 litre aquascape was created at Subscape Aquarium in Melbourne, Australia and measures 300 x 90 x 120 cm. Filtration is provided by two Eheim 2260 canister filters whilst the lighting comes from six 150 watt ...

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My Experience with Aponogeton madagascariensis, The Lace Leaf Plant


Introduction I had recently ventured in to the world of planted aquariums using the Dennerle system. Basically the system comprised of a heater cable laid on the floor of the tank and covered with a mixture of silica sand and compost which had been mixed half and half by volume, this layer was about 2.5cm deep. Then there was a ...

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Before People Came Aquascape by Mikolaj Weterle

Before People Came aquascape by Mikolaj Weterle

Taking some plants from a previous aquascape, Mikolaj Weterle has created a masterpiece in just 30 litres of tank volume.   The key to success for this type of aquascape is immense attention to detail and meticulous maintenance.   The steep bank to the left combined with the smaller bank in the far right corner gives a sense of depth ...

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Aquascaping off into the sunset


Lighting up the background is a great way to add an extra splash of colour to any aquarium and here we can see a magnificent sunset effect. Whilst lighting for this aquarium is provided by three 6400 kelvin T5 tubes, the additional lighting used for the sunset was a simple halogen bulb shone against the wall directly behind the aquarium. ...

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