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Amazing aquariums

Aquascaping off into the sunset

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binära optioner flashback Lighting up the background is a great way to add an extra splash of colour to any aquarium and here we can see a magnificent sunset effect. Whilst lighting for this aquarium is provided by three 6400 kelvin T5 tubes, the additional lighting used for the sunset was a simple halogen bulb shone against the wall directly behind the aquarium. ...

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Keeping it Clean – and Creating a Masterpeice

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http://www.accomacinn.com/?falos=bin%C3%A4re-optionen---meine-geschichte binäre optionen - meine geschichte If ever I was looking for an aquascape to demonstrate the “less is more” principle this would have to be it. Whilst it has all the components other aquascapes have: bogwood, substrate, plants etc. this aquascape is extraordinarily elegant. The tank itself is an 8.5 litre ADA tank with Aquatic magic lily pipes and an Archaea 27W light. Filtration is ...

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Aquatic Eden

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conto demo opzioni binarie iq option Even simplicity is hard to achieve in aquascaping, and even when you have something no more complicated than a few rocks in a tank, there’s still something that isn’t quite at the right angle. That’s what Sherry, the woman behind this aquascape found when she tried to imitate nature’s beauty and simplicity. Gradually, more and more came out of the ...

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Amazing aquascapes, attention to detail and technical expertise

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opcje binarne wyniki As many of us are already aware, not all plants sold for aquarium use are green. Growing plants of an alternative colour, often best achieved with high levels of lighting and careful plant selection, is a great way to add sharp contrasts to your planted tank. The same can also be achieved with different shades of green, providing of course ...

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Le Petit Paradis Aquascape – paradise by name, and by nature

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moss tree in aquascape

viagra tabletter 20 mg utan recept australien A fairly unusual composition, one which uses plants in unfamiliar positions but certainly a good tank. This aquascape throws away the rule book and if you can create something that looks this good, why not! Many people would say their eyes are drawn firstly to the every increasingly popular aquatic moss tree. The bogwood composition here is really good and ...

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A Long 12 Gallon Aquascape

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kan man köpa Viagra receptfritt i sverige The use of a long aquarium is becoming more and more widespread and with aquascapes like this one it’s easy to see why. A long aquarium presents different challenges in its layout and composition of flora but the following effort is testament to this aquarist’s will to persevere.   The most noticeable floral element in this aquascape is the Heminathus ...

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Nature Goes Dutch for this fine aquascape

natural dutch aquascape

In this aquascape, Rusty Clark beautifully gives nature a Dutch makeover; or maybe he gives Dutch aquascaping a natural makeover? Either way, the result is an excellent hybrid of order and chaos, planning and spontaneity. I admire this tank for its texture and healthy green plants punctuated with vibrant dashes of red from both the Alternanthera reineckii and the harlequin ...

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