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A nifty way to attach aquatic moss to rocks

attach aquatic moss

Aquatic mosses can be a very attractive addition to any tank. Not only are they great on rocks and wood in a planted aquarium, but they are also great in any other tank for adding that natural look. Moss doesn’t require a specialist substrate, intense lighting and co2 addition either. In fact, as long as you attach it to something ...

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10 Tips for Cleaning Your Aquarium – Making it Easier

amano shrimp

One of the biggest causes of aquariums not looking as good as they should do is a lack of good maintenance. Funnily enough, another side effect of this is often poor water quality and a very frustrated aquarist. You have to admit that it isn’t always easy cleaning an aquarium without disturbing your plants, upsetting your fish and covering everything ...

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Nitrate in the Aquarium, Why It’s Bad and How to Get Rid of It


Nitrate (NO3) is a difficult subject for most fishkeepers and remains a grey area. Many struggle to keep nitrate levels low in their aquarium. In this article Steven Caller investigates the impact of nitrate on fish and looks at ways in which it can be prevented and removed from the aquarium. What does nitrate do to fish? It is generally ...

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How to Solve…Aquarium Filter Noise

aquarium filter noise

Oh isn’t it irritating turning on a filter, especially a brand new box-fresh beauty, only to hear that dreaded rattle. At first you think it’s just a few bubbles, after all the manufacturer says it runs silently, but after an hour or so you realise that the rattle is there to stay. Turning it on and off, tapping it and ...

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Seven Deadly Sins of Fishkeeping

5152081611_49e95185da Michael Barkowski

Are you a Fishkeeping angel or a fish-killing sinner? Are you a good, honest fishkeeper or do you allow the other voice in your head to dictate how you keep your aquariums? Do you respect your livestock and regularly maintain your aquarium or do you overstock and under-maintain? How many of these deadly sins do you commit and will you ...

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Did you hear the one about the fish…the best fish jokes

fish jokes

For most of us, fishkeeping is a serious business; it’s a very lucrative industry too. However, I’ll have to admit that I’ve never heard any decent fish jokes. Below are the best I’ve managed to find, please feel free to comment which is your favourite and suggest other jokes too. Noah started building several arks for various parts of animal ...

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Unwelcome intruders? A guide to removing pest aquarium snails

Creative Commons - Eric Gillingham

This article explains the different pest snails you may encounter in an aquarium, how they get into your tank, the risks they pose and the various means of getting rid of them. Opinion is divided on snails of all types and their place in the aquarium. Some believe them to be a true menace, tearing away at plants and breeding ...

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10 Ways to Save Money on Your Aquarium

Photo: Pardee Ave

Running an aquarium, even a nano one can be quite costly. Not only is equipment expensive, but as too are replacement parts and regular expenses such as fish food and water conditioner. Instead of contemplating begrudgingly handing your fish into your pet store and selling off your equipment, or not buying an aquarium at all, check off all of these ...

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