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Don’t aquascape at the expense of your livestock

red cherry shrimp

Aquascaping is popular, and rightfully so. If done well an aquascape, or planted aquarium, can look frankly magnificent however there is a darker side to this increasingly popular trend in fishkeeping. Only too often, aquascaping becomes a discipline of plant-keeping in which the fish are left to one side and often made to put up with conditions favouring the plants, ...

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My Experience with Aponogeton madagascariensis, The Lace Leaf Plant


Introduction I had recently ventured in to the world of planted aquariums using the Dennerle system. Basically the system comprised of a heater cable laid on the floor of the tank and covered with a mixture of silica sand and compost which had been mixed half and half by volume, this layer was about 2.5cm deep. Then there was a ...

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8 Planting Tips for Aquarium Plants

planted tank

Do you ever have problems planting your aquarium plants? Maybe they just don’t want to stay rooted; perhaps they just rot and die straight away or do they just look like a mess? Here are some great planting tips to help you get your planted tank off to the best possible start. 1. Start with a good substrate A good ...

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Low Light Aquarium Plants – A Big List

low light aquarium plants ludwigia repens

Whilst high lighting can help plants grow faster; deepen the red tint to plants’ leaves or even allow you to keep some of the more spectacular yet demanding of aquarium plant species, a high-light aquarium isn’t the only way to create an aquascape. Those of us preferring a natural look may opt for the more low light aquarium plants. So ...

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Marsilea hirsuta, a great alternative carpeting plant

marsilea hirsuta

Marsilea hirsuta isn’t your typical carpeting plant. It has a great range of aquascaping applications and isn’t as demanding as other low growing aquatic plants. There’s nothing better in a planted aquarium than a bright, green and healthy carpet spreading its way across the foreground. It shows off a lot of skill on the aquascaper’s behalf and can require a ...

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András Tündik Wabi Kusa Interview

wabi kusa

András Tündik is pioneering an aquascaping technique initiated by ADA (Aqua Design Amano) that has the potential to become very popular. Aquatic plants are commonly grown emersed in large nurseries, something that may surprise many, but this practice can be carried out at home to create some truly stunning displays. In this interview, András Tündik explains his experience in this ...

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Hemianthus callitrichoides

Hemianthus callitrichoides

Hemianthus callitrichoides makes for a stunning dense and bright green carpet. Perhaps initially challenging to grow, the rewards are stunning and enough to motivate any budding aquascaper. This article deals with how to prepare, plant, grow and maintain the tiniest of leaved gems. Hemianthus callitrichoides is a very small plant. Native to Cuba, it’s the smallest plant used in aquascaping ...

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Light up your tank with flame moss

Flame moss

Flame moss, taxiphyllum sp. is a relatively rare and unknown species of aquarium moss. However, with little care or prior knowledge, it can be used to create spectacular living flames. Here’s why you should give this moss species a try. Growing conditions Flame moss is unfussy when it comes to growing conditions. Whilst co2 and high lighting will increase its ...

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Iwagumi Aquascapes Putting Together a Masterpiece in Four Simple Steps

Iwagumi Aquascape

Whether you’re an aquascaping virtuoso or have-a-go amateur, the Iwagumi aquascape is an elegant manipulation of plants and hardscape to create a dazzling natural-looking display. Simplicity, cleanliness and clarity are key to successful Iwagumi aquascapes. Before showing you how it’s done, here’s a guide to the main principles and requirements of the Iwagumi aquascape. The Iwagumi principle Consistency teamed with ...

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