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Adding Some Christmas Spirit to Your Marine Tank

Candy Cane Coral (2)

With the holiday season almost upon us, the lights are up, the tree is decorated and your mind is probably anywhere but on the aquatic world. However, the Christmas spirit hasn’t been lost on the marine world either, as there are a number of appropriately festive named species that dwell beneath the waves, many of which are suitable for the ...

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The Lure of the Lionfish


A highly invasive scourge threatening the natural balance of a reef’s ecosystem or the ever adapting king of the reef? Both are applicable to the Volitans lionfish, a member of the Scorpaenidae family originating from the Indo-Pacific but rapidly making themselves at home along the Atlantic coastline. Their introduction, although unconfirmed, is likely to stem from the aquarium trade and ...

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Pterois: The Florida Invasion


Two of the pterois species have developed themselves as a significant invasive species on the East Coast of the USA and the Caribbean, particularly in Florida. Pterois, or lionfish, are a genus of venomous marine fish originally found in the Indo-Pacific. Pterois, in particular the red and common lionfish, are native to tropical and subtropical regions stretching from Southern Japan ...

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The Cherub Pygmy Angelfish – Centropyge argi

Cherub Pygmy Angelfish

The Cherub Pygmy Angelfish, Cherubfish or simply the Pygmy Angel, is a bright little gem perfect for smaller sized aquaria. They boast a deep, royal blue to purple body contrasted by a bright orange-gold face and eyes. With an average full-grown length of 8cm, these fish are excellent choices for nano reef aquariums but should be welcome additions to larger ...

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Living Dangerously – Venom in the Marine Aquarium

Blue-spotted ribbon tail ray

Venom is widely used within the animal kingdom for both predation and protection. Current estimates gauge the number of venomous fish species alone to be in excess of 1,200. Venom is the term given to a variety of toxins that can be administered by an animal. Venomous species differ from poisonous species in that they are equipped with a modified ...

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Keeping seahorses in an aquarium – possible, but difficult


It’s hard to deny the appeal of keeping seahorses at home but there’s dedication and planning required if you’re going to make these creatures feel at home in your living room. Are they as hard to keep as you’d imagine?  An introduction to seahorses All in all, there are 54 members of the genus Hippocampus and they are much more ...

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Hippocampus abdominalis, the Big-Belly Seahorse

hippocampus abdominalis

The Hippocampus abdominalis is one of the largest seahorse species with a maximum length of 35cm or 14 inches. Also known as the Pot-Bellied Seahorse, it is quite clear to see how it got its name. It’s distinctive belly isn’t the only distinctive feature this seahorse has. It often comes with spiky fronds extending from its head and males have ...

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Look Out for the Yellow Watchman Goby

yellow watchman goby

By “look out” what I actually mean is scan the bottom of your tank, particularly where the rock-work meets the substrate, until you spot a bright yellow head sticking out of a crevice or perched up on the sand. The Yellow Watchman Goby goes by many names: it’s binomial classification is Cryptocentrus cinctus, but you may also hear it called ...

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