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Aquascaping Supplies

JBL Proflora Taifun Diffuser Review

JBL taifun co2 diffuser

When you come across something of a novelty, you might be inclined towards buying it, but when you come across a novelty that does a damn good job, it’s a no-brainer. That’s exactly what the JBL Proflora Taifun diffuser is. With its spiral structure, extendable add-ons and bubbles spiraling their way to the top, this product has the look of a ...

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Fluval Mini Pressurized 20g CO2 Kit Review

fluval mini 20 co2

For the aquarist with an average level of DIY knowledge, a co2 kit with everything you need in one single package can only be a good thing. The Fluval Mini 20g co2 kit is different to many other nano co2 systems because it uses a pressurised co2 canister to provide the gas. Its RRP is £26.99 for which you get ...

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