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Eheim Aquacompact Nano External Filter Review

Eheim Aquacompact review

The Eheim Aquacompact is an external filter suitable for nano aquariums and grateful we must surely be that Eheim has turned its technical expertise to providing a small and unobtrusive filter for nano aquaria. In the current state of affairs, nano tanks are becoming more and more stylish and improved technology means we can create some fantastic nano aquascapes. The ...

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Eheim Aquaball Review

eheim aquaball review

This Eheim Aquaball review was conducted using the 60 model, which pumps up to 480 litres per hour and contains one of the clip on filter media units. There’s something good about realising that a perceived gimmick is actually a great design feature. That’s exactly what you get with the Eheim Aquaball filters which feature, as the name suggests, a ...

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Fluval Moss Ball Review

fluval moss ball review

A novel creation that is at heart a phosphate remover, the Fluval moss ball is exactly what it says on the tin, a plastic ball with a moss effect containing a phosphate removing resin. It is rated for aquariums up to 60 litres and will work for 2 months before it requires replacing. Whilst the moss effect isn’t quite a ...

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Marina Slim Filter Review

marina slim filter review

The hang-on-back filter, also referred to as a H.O.B filter or just a hang-on filter has often been the no-brainer choice of filter for those looking for an easy external filter that doesn’t take up too much space. The Marina Slim filter range has mastered the art of not taking up too much space whilst still having  a good volume ...

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Fluval U2 review

fluval u2 review

Whilst there’s a huge selection of internal power filters available, both in the aquatic shops we frequent and even more online, there are one or two filter ranges that appear in most stores. The Fluval U series is one such range of products.   First impressions The Fluval U series ranges from the U1 for small tanks to the U4 ...

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Interpet PF review

interpet pf filter

The Interpet PF ranges from the 200 litres per hour mini to the PF4 which kicks out 1000 lph. Upon opening the box, my initial impressions didn’t exactly blow me away. The feel of the filter is really quite cheap and the pieces look easy to break. There are, on the contrary, a few useful features with this filter and ...

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Tetratec Easy Crystal Filter 250 Review


Novel in form and function, this filter is unlike many other aquarium filters. So what makes the Easy Crystal 250 stand out and is it a good choice of aquarium filter for you? Steven Caller gives this filter a thorough inspection. First Impressions First impressions of this filter are that it’s neatly designed but attention is surely drawn to the ...

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