King British Fish Treats

king british variety fish treats

The King British Fish Treats come in round tablet form and can be stuck to the glass inside an aquarium. They allow you to watch your fish feeding close up. They aren’t a naughty treat: they contain high quality ingredients and have added vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Essentially, these treats are King British flakes in tablet form. They stick ...

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Fluval Launches New Range of Fish Foods

fluval fish food

You don’t need to be keen-eyed to have noticed that Fluval has given its packaging a vibrant modern twist and brought out some new ranges in fish nutrition and water chemistry. It also has a fantastic (yes I avoided the temptation to say fin-tastic) new website which can be found at the end of this article. Fluval has replaced its ...

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King British Flakes Review

king british tropical flake food

You know you’re a fishkeeper when you’re more interested in the food aisle at your local aquatics shop than you are when browsing the confectionery aisle of your local supermarket. There seems to be a lot of choice; not only are there new foods and flake varieties, but also bold and fancy claims from manufacturers. All looking to stand out, ...

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