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TMC Aquaray Mini LED 400 Aquarium Light Tile Review

tmc aquaray mini 400 led aquarium light

Many small aquarium lighting units, often sold for nano tanks, offer fairly average light output, and that’s putting it generously. In light of this, many nano aquascapers have taken to the habit of using two compact fluorescent lights over their tanks, typically 11 watts each to provide the light their plants need. Tropical Marine Centre, on the other hand, produce ...

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Arcadia Classica Stretch LED Light Reveiw

arcadia classica stretch led

The Arcadia Classica Stretch is a simple yet stylish aquarium light. It uses a series of 1.5 and 0.24 Watt LEDs in varying configurations depending on the size and type of aquarium. The design is very good and the extendable attaching arms make the light very adaptable. It is very slim and makes very little visual impact on an aquarium, ...

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All Pond Solutions Small LED Light Review

all pond solutions led

There are many, many aquarium lights to choose from but sometimes we simply want a light you can turn on and use to view your fish. That’s exactly what the All Pond Solutions small LED lighting units are, and a fairly stylish too.   There are two versions, the 32 and 64 LED lights, both of which feature blue and ...

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Aquael Decolight 11w Review

aquael decolight

The Aquael Decolight is a nicely designed product it has to be said, and its great light output makes it an ideal nano tank light. The Aquael Decolight is affordable and more than man enough to light a decent planted nano. Let’s start with the most important aspect – light output: the Aquael decolight, the 11 watt version in this ...

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