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Question: cleaning an old tank

cleaning an old aquarium tank

binaire opties de giro What’s the best way of cleaning an old and neglected but very nice tank? Lots of scale, quite thick but scraped most off. It’s the cloudiness that the scale has left behind I’m having trouble with. Any ideas? Mo Thanks for your question Mo. It’s nice you cleaning an old tank and extending its life however there are a few steps ...

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Question: Keeping Boesemani Rainbowfish with Angelfish

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Melanotaenia boesemani

5 mg fincar Can u keep, say, two Boesemani rainbow fish with a mated pair of angelfish? Ryan Cook Whilst neither Boesemani rainbowfish nor angelfish are the most aggressive species, they are not compatible fish. This is more to do with water parameters than temperament. Boesemani rainbows prefer hard alkaline water whereas angelfish prefer soft and acidic water. There are some reports of these ...

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What plants would you keep in a turtle tank?

SA Aquatic Turtles can grow to be large and powerful animals and as such are capable to uprooting and destroying many aquatic plants. That said, it is still possible to keep plants in a turtle tank. Providing you have the necessary conditions for growing plants – light, nutrients, substrate etc. you will probably enjoy a certain amount of success with ...

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