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cleaning an old aquarium tank binären optionen What’s the best way of cleaning an old and neglected but very nice tank? Lots of scale, quite thick but scraped most off. It’s the cloudiness that the scale has left behind I’m having trouble with. Any ideas? Mo Thanks for your question Mo. It’s nice you cleaning an old tank and extending its life however there are a few steps ...

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How would you get rid of black algae growing on plants leaves like amazon sword or java fern?

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köpa Viagra Nyköping SA Aquatic In all honesty, there is only one way you can remove black algae growing on plant leaves – you chop them off. Of course, it is advisable to use all of the prevention methods detailed in my previous answer on removing black algae, but frankly there is no hope of scrubbing plant leaves with a toothbrush. When removing ...

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How do you keep ocean rocks in a cichlid tank free from black algae

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buy tastylia oral strips online without prescription SA Aquatic Black algae might be a slow grower, but its grows tough and is very hard to remove. Prevention is similar to other forms of algae in that you limit the light and nutrients available for the algae to grow. Since you have a cichlid tank you probably won’t need such great light intensity for your aquarium anyway which ...

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