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I am looking to stock my congo biotope soon…questions and answers

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congo biotope aquarium

برنامج كتابة على الفيديو للايفون I am looking to stock my congo biotope soon, (125ltrs planned total stocking is 2-3 synodontis Nigriventris, 5-7 Barbus fasciolatus, single pair of Pelvicachromis taeniatus), I would like a pair of Kribensis. Is it best to by a single male&female or a group? James Arthur Canning Your tank is already filling up nicely and it seems that your chosen fish ...

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I bought an external filter which contains a phosphate pad…

Köpa Strattera NyKöping

opzione binaria bonus senza deposito novembre 2014 I bought an external filter which contains a phosphate pad for keeping algae under control. Don’t plants need phosphates though? James Arthur Canning Naturally, the manufacturers of external filters aren’t aware of the tanks their filters are going to be used with meaning some degree of customisation may be required from the user. You are absolutely right in saying that ...

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How do you get rid of ick in a reef/fish saltwater aquarium?

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fish with whitespot

Köpa Atarax i thailand Otis Your choices are fairly limited as far as treating ick is concerned. You can either opt for an increase in salinity which could involve a lot of faffing or buy a specialised treatment in your local shop. Do be aware, however, that many fish medications contain copper in sufficient quantities to be very harmful to invertebrates. This would only ...

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Can I keep Cichlids in a Biorb Flow?

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cichlid tank

الخيارات الثنائية الوكالة الدولية للطاقة حفار الذهب Russ Somerfield Most Cichlids require a tank of at least 120 litres as a very minimum requirement and even then most people would suggest a significantly larger tank. The largest Biorb Flow model is the 30 litre version which is far too small for keeping even the smallest and easiest of cichlids such as the Labidochromis caeruleus. Apistogramma species would ...

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How would you get rid of black algae growing on plants leaves like amazon sword or java fern?

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java fern

binäre optionen buch empfehlung SA Aquatic In all honesty, there is only one way you can remove black algae growing on plant leaves – you chop them off. Of course, it is advisable to use all of the prevention methods detailed in my previous answer on removing black algae, but frankly there is no hope of scrubbing plant leaves with a toothbrush. When removing ...

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Questions & Answers: How can I encourage my elephant nose fish to eat?

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http://feltonveterinaryhospital.com/?olja=free-binary&8b6=a0 free binary How can I encourage my elephant nose fish to eat? I’ve tried flake and frozen bloodworm as well as daphnia. I have had it about 4 months in a community tank; 120 litres with a lot of plants and a large piece of arched bog wood that the elephant nose hides under. The substrate is sand. Julian Price The Elephant ...

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