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Tropical Fish

Question: Stocking 110 litre with Barilius, Denison Barbs, Croydoras and Otocinclus

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http://brickwickprojects.co.uk/buyin manuale per opzioni binarie Hi, I have a 110 litre tank set at 24 degrees and have purchased 6 Barilius sp 2. I was wondering, if 4 Denison barbs would be suitable as tank mates; on the floor I will be having 6 pygmy corydoras and some otocinclus. Tim Allman Your tank is not particularly large and may be just a touch too small for your Barilius ...

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Question: Adding boesemani to a community tank

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Melanotaenia boesemani

الخيارات الثنائية مراجعة البرامج ملكة Can a pair of boesemani be kept in a 25 gallon planted community tank that already has a couple neon tetras and a dwarf gourami? Todd Dillon There’s no question that your stocking levels are very sensible in terms of fish numbers. A 25 gallon planted tank is a good home for dwarf gourami and neon tetras and your plants ...

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Question: Bristlenose Pleco Yellow Eggs

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Ancistrus bristlenose pleco

http://maxbaillie.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1468891549.4967250823974609375000 gioco di trading online I believe my Bristlenose Pleco has laid some eggs, they are a luminous yellow colour. Any advice? Stu Arnold The Bristlenose pleco, also known  as the Ancistrus, is known to breed in the aquarium. The appearance of eggs is perfectly normal and these will have a yellow colour which will gradually darken over the next few days. It should take ...

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I am looking to set up a west african/congo biotope…

congo river

…I have a Juwel rio125 with a 800 litre per hour external filter. Can you advise me on fish and planting please. James Arthur Canning The Congo river is an impressive natural waterway to create a tank for. It is the deepest river in the world. As far as fish are concerned you certainly aren’t limited for choice. You must ...

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