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Know Your Rummy Nose Tetra

rummy noe tetra

At its best, the rummy nose tetra is a stunning fish with unusual colouration and a very popular choice in stylish aquascapes and Amazon setups. Unfortunately, the rummy nose tetra is one of those fish that really cannot adapt to neutral pH and moderately hard water and so expert care is required.   Recreating their natural habitat Rummy nose tetra, ...

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Serpae Tetra, Not Your Normal Grey Fish

serpae tetra

Fin-nippers or not, these fish are bright, colourful and active. Devoid of the dull grey that can dominate the flanks of most tetra species, the Serpae Tetra, Hyphessobrycon eques, is a fantastic great alternative shoaling fish. They are a bright red colour with a black diamond just behind their gills and black stripes on their fins. Their fins are fairly ...

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Emperor Tetra, The Easiest Tetra?

emperor tetra

Tetras are popular fish: they are mostly quite small, peaceful and colourful. Many tetra species are very good shoaling species too. The hardest aspect we face when keeping tetras, however, is breeding, especially owing to the soft water requirements these fish generally have. The Emperor tetra, Nematobrycon palmeri, on the other hand, is one tetra you can enjoy breeding success ...

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