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Adding Some Christmas Spirit to Your Marine Tank

Candy Cane Coral (2)

With the holiday season almost upon us, the lights are up, the tree is decorated and your mind is probably anywhere but on the aquatic world. However, the Christmas spirit hasn’t been lost on the marine world either, as there are a number of appropriately festive named species that dwell beneath the waves, many of which are suitable for the ...

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Rommer Talens’ South American River Biotope

south american river biotope aquarium

Rommer Talens has created a South American river biotope with the aim, as with many biotope aquaria, of making it look as natural as humanly possible. Very few of his plants are positioned below the waterline with the majority being grown above the water, allowed to take nutrients from the water as they please with open access to all the ...

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King British Fish Treats

king british variety fish treats

The King British Fish Treats come in round tablet form and can be stuck to the glass inside an aquarium. They allow you to watch your fish feeding close up. They aren’t a naughty treat: they contain high quality ingredients and have added vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Essentially, these treats are King British flakes in tablet form. They stick ...

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The Manten Forest Aquarium

manten forest aquarium aquascape

The video below shows the Manten Forest Aquarium by Pedro Rosa after 57 days. The tank was set up in Aquaeden Shop in Portugal.     The name comes from the type of stone used, Manten Stone from ADA in fact, which is combined with Hornwood to form the hardscape. Such a nicely balanced tank with healthy plants and fish requires little further ...

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5 Tips for Keeping your Freshwater Aquarium Fish Healthy

What could be better than keeping freshwater aquarium fish as pets? They are very beautiful, colourful and an attractive aquarium increases the decor of a house. Aquarium fish look delicate and fragile, therefore some people are not confident in setting up an aquarium. However its not difficult to keep freshwater aquarium fish if you follow a few basic guidelines. 1. ...

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The Facts and Fiction of Betta Fish Care

There are many misconceptions about Betta care and what Bettas need to remain healthy. Probably the biggest misunderstanding is that they don’t need a tank or aquarium. Small spaces and cramped quarters can actually cause your fish undue stress, and most experts recommend that the more room you can give your Betta, the better. We’ve all seen Betta fish kept ...

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Aquatic Eden


Even simplicity is hard to achieve in aquascaping, and even when you have something no more complicated than a few rocks in a tank, there’s still something that isn’t quite at the right angle. That’s what Sherry, the woman behind this aquascape found when she tried to imitate nature’s beauty and simplicity. Gradually, more and more came out of the ...

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Questions & Answers

Got a fishkeeping question? Get some help finding the answer. Just use the comment for below to ask a question or contact us on Twitter or Facebook How can I encourage my elephant nose fish to eat? I’ve tried flake and frozen bloodworm as well as daphnia. I have had it about 4 months in a community tank; 120 litres ...

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Bradford & District Aquarist Society 65th Anniversary open show

bradford fish show

Bradford & District Aquarist Society – 65th Anniversary open show At  Bradford Academy, Lister Avenue, Bradford, BD4 7QT Times: If you want to submit fish to be judged – 11:30am to 1:30pm Auction starts 1:30pm Admittion: Fish entry – 20p per fish Public entry – 50p There will be an auction where you can buy all your fish needs, the ...

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