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Eheim Aquacompact review

Eheim Aquacompact Nano External Filter Review

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limiti opzioni binarie The Eheim Aquacompact is an external filter suitable for nano aquariums and grateful we must surely be that Eheim has turned its technical expertise to providing a small and unobtrusive filter for nano aquaria. In the current state of affairs, nano tanks are becoming more and more stylish and improved technology means we can create some fantastic nano aquascapes. The internal filter can appear somewhat cumbersome in a small tank and hang on filters still can’t match the canister for filter volume, something to which the Eheim Aquacompact offers a great solution.

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What is it?

binary options demo trading The Eheim aquacompact comprises two main parts: the canister unit holds the filter media and the pump unit sits inside the tank and comprises the pump and pre filter sponge. The two are connected by two hoses. There are two sizes, the Aquacompact 40 and Aquacompact 60 that together cater for tanks between 20 and 60 litres. This configuration also means that no priming is necessary.

What do you get for your money?

binäre optionen broker demo It may seem expensive that either of the Eheim Aquacompact models can be picked up for little under £60, however you do get a lot for your money and what you do get is of very good quality. Inside the box can be found the canister and lid, the pump unit with pre-filter sponge and extendible inlet, a variety of outlet accessories such as the nozzle and spray, two hoses to connect the pump and canister, enough filter media to fill the entire canister, downpipe and four clamps to ensure the hoses don’t disconnect. Also supplied are some little dampeners for the canister and an instruction manual.

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The canister and filter media

http://husebo.com/?gege=bonus-opzioni-binarie-trading&caf=63 bonus opzioni binarie trading The canister holds 0.8 or 1.3 litres of filter media which trumps any internal filter rated for nano aquaria and it’s hard to think of any hang on filters that can match this size. It comes supplied with a coarse sponge, a filter floss pad and a generous helping of Substrat Pro, Eheim’s biological filter media. There is plenty of space in the canister to add your own filter media choices such as activated carbon if necessary.

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Köp Viagra Malmö (svävare Harbour Terminal) Entering the canister, water is channelled down to the bottom via a downpipe that slots into the side and gushes along groves in the bottom before slowly rising to the top where it is pushed back into the tank. This ensures that the water passes slowly through as much of the filter media as possible before returning to the tank.

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sparkassen trading demokonto für binäre optionen The lid is a very nicely designed piece too and radiates the kind of sturdy quality you associate with Eheim: the clamps are solid and form a very tight seal between the cannister and the lid and the flow rate is controlled using the large knob on top of the lid.

The pump unit

60 sekunden option This sits over the glass of your tank and acts as both the inlet and outlet. The inlet has a pre-filter sponge to reduce the detritus reaching the main canister which can be extended downwards to suck in water lower in the aquarium. The outlet can be attached to the supplied nozzle or spray-bar and has a couple of connectors so you can alter the flow direction.

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Efficiency and noise

الخيار ثنائي استراتيجية سهلة You can expect this product to make both very little noise and very little difference to your energy bills. Both models use only 4 watts to pump approximately 350 litres of water per hour.


tessuti online stock All things considered, you can’t go wrong with the Eheim Aquacompact which is not only efficient and well built, but cleverly designed and easy to use. It is quiet and small enough for nano aquaria and has a very large filter volume. Providing you have the space to sit the canister beside your tank, this filter is a great option.

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