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emperor tetra
Emperor Tetra, CC Citron

Emperor Tetra, The Easiest Tetra?

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testkonto binäre optionen Tetras are popular fish: they are mostly quite small, peaceful and colourful. Many tetra species are very good shoaling species too. The hardest aspect we face when keeping tetras, however, is breeding, especially owing to the soft water requirements these fish generally have. The Emperor tetra, Nematobrycon palmeri, on the other hand, is one tetra you can enjoy breeding success with.

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الخيار الثنائي المنتدى ماليزيا Whilst only found in Columbian rivers, it’s perfectly feasible to keep this fish in a community aquarium or even as part of an Amazon river setup. In fact, having a bold colour scheme, the Emperor Tetra would be a fantastic addition to most South American style tanks, mixing well with other tetra species, corydoras and even discus.

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purchase Keflex without prescription needed Nematobrycon palmeri grow to about 4 cm in length and are distinguished by their bold black stripe running along the bottom half of their sides. A yellow tint can become prominent as they mature, mainly along the top of their body, with a purple hue equally possible. This colouration is particularly prominent in males which also develop longer fins and a long ray in the centre of their caudal fin. Emperor Tetra can also be told apart by their eye colour: males have blue eyes whereas females have green ones.

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Köp Strattera utan recept At least ten gallons is needed to house these fish although bigger is better as these are shoaling species. To that effect, I would recommend buying at least 6 to start with. As far as setting up your tank is concerned, they are perfectly happy with any temperature between 23 and 27°C and, unusually for tetras, they can cope with a hardness reaching 12° and a Ph falling between 5 and 7.5. All in all, they are very hardy fish and the ones found in your local fish shop are more than likely to have been tank bred, making them a very solid bet in most community tanks.

opcje binarne xtb Fussy eaters they are not; Emperor Tetra re more than happy to much away on flakes, pellets and other dried foods although occasional live and frozen foods should be offered for best results, especially if you are trying to breed them.

binäre optionen test account Talking of breeding, the main reason for choosing this species over another tetra may well be because you would like to try breeding them. It’s difficult to think of an easier tetra species to breed than the Emperor Tetra. They generally require a spawning medium, such as a fine leaved plant or spawning mop and some shady areas of the tank as tetra eggs are sensitive to light. Many people notice fry in their tank with no intervention at all while others wishing to raise a good number of fry set up a separate breeding tank and remove the parents once spawning has taken place.

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