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fennstones hand made slate aquarium ornaments

Fennstones Slate Aquarium Ornaments Review

It’s nice to buy hand crafted products and it’s hard to beat the solid and robust nature of fine craftsmanship. That’s exactly what you get from Fennstones who provide handmade slate aquarium decorations.

fennstones hand made slate aquarium ornaments

To start with, their decorations are made from Welsh slate which has been hand picked, washed and then sterilized to ensure an excellent finish and suitability for an aquarium environment. The slate is thick and chunky and the edges aren’t too sharp. Welsh slate has a wonderfully dark colour and looks fantastic when wet.

I received one of their chimney cave ornaments as well as some individual pieces for decoration. I have to admit, having seen some of the various DIY efforts that come and go on various forums and auction sites, I was bowled over to get my hands on such a sturdy product. This was all the more surprising given there isn’t a single scrap of adhesive or sealant sticking out of any of the crevices. the piece I received was better quality than a great deal of factory made pieces.

fennstones aquarium air ornament

The ornaments are a good size and allow plenty of room for manoeuvre inside. It is clear to see that a good deal of time and effort has been spent manufacturing these pieces by a man turning a passion into a business.

Unlike resin ornaments, that are factory made, Fennstones products will not fade over time and are seemingly easier to clean than resin ornaments. They are idea for loaches, catfish and cave-spawners.

fennstones welsh slate

Many of the Fennstones range can be used with an air pump, such as the volcano and chimney whilst others come with LEDs. They have a range of pieces that can be used both as decorations and breeding caves.

You can see the full range of hand crafted ornaments on the Fennstones website.

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