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Betta fish
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My First Betta Fish Help & Care Guide

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esperti di opzioni binarie This article has been written by Chris Webster from Fishinnpost.com

migliore piattaforma per opzioni binarie If you’re somewhat new to the aquarium hobby you will quickly realise how addictive this hobby actually is. There’s just something about taking care of aquarium fish that really just makes us feel special in a away. The Betta fish is one of the most common beginner fish because of how beautiful they are and the ease of having a small tank. The Betta splendens is a great choice for your first fish. I’ve been taking care of these fish for years and I decided to make a quick guide for beginners here.

Betta fish

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1. What Size Tank Does a Betta need?

buy genuine Tastylia There is a huge misconception that the Betta fish can live happily inside of a small little cup. This is entirely untrue nor can they live in flower vases as a decoration for your living room. That gets me very aggravated but without going too deep into that subject let’s just move past the fact of them needing an actual adequate aquarium.

كسب المال السهل على الانترنت The perfect size tank for a Betta fish is going to be the 5 gallon aquarium. This is considered a very small tank in the aquarium hobby and this is about as small as you can go for a fish to live it. Consider all smaller sizes not even feasible for keeping fish. Your new beta fish will live a happy and long fulfilled life in a 5 gallon aquarium and you have to trust me on this.For more information on how long a Betta fish lives, consult this article.

2. Special Water or Conditioner?

برنامج الفوركس المجاني The next question that pops in your head is going to be what kind of water do I need for my fish? It’s good that you’re thinking about this because a lot of beginners fail to even think about if they need to do anything special to the water for their fish to live in.

http://fiontar.ie/?v=signalanbieter-binäre-optionen signalanbieter binäre optionen Aquarium fish cannot live in water that comes straight out of the tap in your kitchen or bathroom. The main reason is because it contains chlorine and chemicals to help clean that water to rid them from contaminants.

opzioni binarie eu This is why we need to add what is called a water conditioner to your water before you put it in your fish aquarium. You can buy basic water conditioner at any pet store in all you do is add a couple of drops to the water before putting it in your fish aquarium. There will be directions on the back of the bottle that you buy of the water conditioner. It will tell you to add a certain amount of drops of conditioner for the amount of water you are working with.

3. Food and Feeding My Betta?

binaire opties price action Betta fish are carnivores and they enjoy a lot of foods that involve actual meat. Even though the employee at the pet store is going to give you some pellets to feed your fish you should go outside of that and get them some dried shrimp or blood worms. They will eat those pellets but on a daily basis they are going to get sick of them and need some more protein in their diet.

handel mit binären optionen erfahrungebericht Don’t be too worried if your fish is not eating every single day because it takes these fish 14 complete days to starve to death. And trying to feed your fish too often will only make the food sink to the bottom of your tank and create issues with nitrate levels.

Wrapping Up

köpa riktiga viagra Hopefully that gives you a good idea of the three basic tips on caring for Betta fish. If you stick to these three basic tips you’re going to get really far when it comes to caring for your fish. There are a couple other small variables like water temperature that takes a toll but for the main part these three are the majority of the care requirements.

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