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fluval moss ball review

Fluval Moss Ball Review

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autopilot binary options A novel creation that is at heart a phosphate remover, the Fluval moss ball is exactly what it says on the tin, a plastic ball with a moss effect containing a phosphate removing resin.

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binaire opties in belgie It is rated for aquariums up to 60 litres and will work for 2 months before it requires replacing.

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best free binary options uk software Whilst the moss effect isn’t quite a perfect match, it is still a very attractive addition to the aquarium knowing it’s also performing a role in maintaining water quality. Moss balls are often used in shrimp tanks and my own red cherry shrimp loved picking out tiny particles trapped in the hairs of this product. It seems to have passed the shrimp test. It also manages to stay put, unlike moss balls which seem to drift wherever they like.

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amtrade systems inc The advantage of removing phosphate is a reduction in algae and this product would be a great help when starting a new aquarium before the real plants take hold and start using up algae-causing nutrients.

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