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iwagumi aquascape

Frank Wazeter’s 5.5 Gallon Iwagumi

Our first Aquarist Awards entry and we are off to a good start with this 5.5 gallon Iwagumi style tank by Frank Wazeter. The photo is of good quality and all filtration and heating equipment has been removed from the tank – that’s what we like to see! The choice and number of fish is appropriate for the style of the tank (Boraras maculata).

iwagumi aquascape


Also good is the choice of plants which are all in very good health. The Riccia is pearling indicating that growing conditions are very good. Unfortunately the plants have started growing over the rocks which may have sunk into the substrate or been too flat for the Iwagumi style. Slightly taller rocks would look better.

The focal point rock is also a little too central for my liking. The Heminathus callitrichoides carpet in the foreground looks very dense and green which demonstrates good patience and technical knowledge. I think this carpet would have been well accentuated by trimming the Riccia a little before taking the photo.

Overall this aquascape has been awarded the silver award


E. tenellus

E. acicularis

R. fluitans

H. callicthroides

Vesicularia sp.

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  1. Looking at the photo I imagined this would be a something in the region of a 50gall tank. Amazing that it is only 5.5 gall and just shows what can be achieved.

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