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giraffe catfish Auchenoglanis Occidentalis

The Giraffe Catfish – A Tall Order to Keep

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binaire opties radar Giraffe Catfish, Auchenoglanis occidentalis, are African Catfish found all over Africa in rivers like the Nile and lakes such as Lake Chad. They do however enjoy a spot of growing, such that they can become a nightmare for unwitting aquarists, as Ash Ward explains.

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In The Trade And Problems within established community aquariums

Giraffe catfish are often found within the hobby as juveniles and boast a beautiful giraffe pattern on their body which may appeal to hobbyists. Starting off at around 4-5 inches, the giraffe catfish may look like the perfect addition to your already established aquarium, imagining that they will glade through your plants, hide in your caves and socialize with your other fish, you go ahead and buy one.

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trading demokonto kostenlos Soon this 4-5 inch “cutie” will become a foot long monster gardener, digging through the substrate, uprooting plants on the hunt for food which will leave the bottom of you aquarium looking like a mountain range. By all means keep them if you can cater for such needs, but kindly take some time to appreciate the effect they have on aquariums.

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giraffe catfish Auchenoglanis OccidentalisWhat You need to know:

http://vaneeuwijkadvocaten.nl/?nl=binaire-opties-gokken binaire opties gokken Giraffe catfish can potentially grow to almost 3 feet long, and bulk up considerably. Such a fish demands a lot of food and, as previously mentioned, they will become very destructive. Most importantly, a BIG tank will be required. They have a lot of personality and also become aware of feeding times and of the feeder. You may be thinking aware of the feeder? What is this guy going on about? Well I went on holiday and left my Mum in charge of feeding and general care of my giraffe catfish (Melvin) I was gone for a week. On my return I walk in to see Melvin and he’s up swimming around like he was trying to greet me, then my mum said that he never did this when she walked in to feed him. OK OK so maybe its wishful thinking that he knows I’m his owner but I believe he does. Anyway back to what you need to know, as they get older and grow there giraffe pattern fades into a slightly grey colour, some specimens turn a more brown colour, but their giraffe pattern goes in any case.

Still Interested?

broker binäre optionen demokonto Let’s start with the setup. You should be looking to have a minimum tank size of 125 gallons (473L) yet still be prepared to upgrade, height isn’t really important but rather the tank’s footprint. You will also need to provide a lot of swimming space; due to their size they will swim all over the aquarium.
For the Substrate, chose one that is easy for them to dig through e.g. sand or small gravel. I’d stay away from plants unless you want to keep replanting them or maybe have plastic plants tied around logs and rocks if you really do want plants. Provide hiding places such as caves but make sure they are big enough.
Giraffe catfish do not like much light so use dimmed lighting. Water Temperature should be between 72-80F (22-26C) and PH of 6.0-7.8, they can tolerate a wide range of water conditions. If your tank is very large and you are considering tank mates they would have to be medium to large African fish. To get the most out of their personality I would keep a species only tank.

directa opzioni binarie When it comes to feeding, these big catfish will eat a lot of food. They must be offered a varied diet like all fish to make sure they get the vitamins and minerals that they need. Feed them commercial foods such as large pellets and frozen bloodworm or shrimp. They will also eat meaty foods like shrimp, prawns and krill. Feed them twice a day, they will eat throughout the day if you keep feeding but this will led to rapid growth and affect the water quality.

http://actioncooling.com/?kiko=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-handelssignale&0c9=07 binäre optionen handelssignale In Conclusion, if you want to keep a giraffe catfish beware of their size and needs. In my opinion they are well worth keeping but before you go out and buy one just remember what I have said in this article and decide if it is a commitment your willing to undertake and spend money on.

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