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biorb betta fish
The Biorb looks great on a desk. Photo: DeclanTM

Give this Fish a Betta Deal Part 2 – The Betta Tanks

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binГ¤re optionen demokonto in echtzeit kostenlos Part 1 of this article: Give this fish a Betta deal may have opened your eyes a little; you may now understand why we choose to keep Betta fish in such unsuitable aquaria. In the second part of this article on Betta fish and their often undersized tanks, it’s time to name and shame the very worst tanks that shouldn’t house so much as a shrimp. “Aquariums,” written between the most doubt-inducing of inverted commas, that wilfully put style and aesthetics over animal welfare and functionality will be shamed and some contrastingly suitable and stylish Betta abodes will be put forward as excellent alternatives.

The worst Betta tanks – the portable toilet list

tips om binära optioner This list I just had to call the portable toilet list – not because these tanks are all piss-poor, which they are, but rather because keeping a Betta fish in any of these tanks is a dimensional equivalent of keeping a human in a portable toilet. This is by no means an exhaustive list; in fact, for every terribly inadequate Betta fish tank I’ve listed here, there are most probably many similarly woeful products that ought to remain on the shelf.

betta fish vase

erfolgreich binäre optionen handeln Photo: Creative Commons Jstar1223

The vase

نقل الحرارة المنزلية Vases are made for flowers, not fish. Nonetheless, numerous people seem to be under the daft impression that it’s necessary to add a Betta fish to their flowers. It’s hard to imagine a worse container of water in which a fish could be placed: vases contain very little water; they are the wrong shape entirely meaning very little gas exchange and they are unfiltered. There is absolutely no redeeming characteristic of a vase that could possibly warrant its use as home to a Betta fish. Since vases aren’t designed for keeping fish, there will be no naming and shaming of specific manufacturers, however the real shame is upon those that choose to keep fish in such containers. The same applies for glass jars.

Zolux Bamboo Betta Aquarium

http://irinakirilenko.com/?deribaska=bdswiss-nur-abzocke&ca2=43 bdswiss nur abzocke Should you land on their badly translated website, Zolux will tell you that “Habitat, comfort, accessories, grooming, hygiene or care… ZOLUX offers everything to satisfy all their needs!” You would therefore expect their Betta tanks to satisfy the basic requirements a Betta fish might ask for, such as a filter and heater but the Bamboo aquarium series has none of those things. What’s worse, you can buy them in a duo and trio version which allows the user to keep two or three Betta fish side by side. There is insufficient space in the tank for the provision of a heater or filter.

forex demo According to their website it comes with“Removable black walls toeparate the tanks as you wish, and for the well-being of your Betta fsh” (check it out for yourselves if you don’t believe me http://www.zolux.com/our-products.php?parametre=24;146;719;15533 ). Well Zolux, for the well-being of any Betta fsh I ever buy, I will indeed eperate them into tanks of an appropriate size and with a cover so they can’t easily jump into their neighbouring fish’s tank.

Betta Box from AA Aquarium

opzioni binarie plus http://www.aa-aquarium.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=62
Introducing the pathetic and lamentably cruel Betta Box and Betta Box 2 from AA Aquarium.
A mere 1.3 litres in volume and dimensions of just 12 by 12 by 13.5 cm make this tank every bit as small as a glass vase. In addition to that, filtration is supplied by…oh wait, there isn’t any. Though at least you will be able to light your tank up using 4 AA batteries or a USB cable if you’ve bought the Betta Box 2.

Penn Plax Bow Front Betta Aquariums

strategie opzioni binarie con rotture This comes in the single or double Betta fish tank and, whilst it does have some fancy release cap for making water changes easier, the unit is still far too small. It is a mere 4 by 4 by 6 inches or 8 by 4 by 6 inches for the double. It also comes with a divider that can be either transparent or opaque with the insertion of another plastic sheet. In any case, this tank is wholly unsuitable and has neither a heater, lighting or filtration, with the unit being too small to house these essential pieces of equipment along with a fish.

And now for some good alternatives…

binäre optionen funktionieren On a much merrier note, there are a number of fantastic aquariums sets that would be perfect for a Betta fish, plus a few compatible tetra species and the odd snail here and there. These tanks are not only stylish, but they cater for the needs of your Betta fish, This is by no means an exhaustive list either, so please feel free to add your own suggestions as a comment.

biorb betta fish

sistema binario option bit The Biorb looks great on a desk. Photo: DeclanTM

Biorb by Reef One

kumpulan tips dan trik trading forex A modern take on a classic goldfish bowl, the Biorb makes an excellent addition to desks, living rooms and bedrooms. It features a very effective filtration system which circulates water in a circular motion, passing through the ceramic filter media at the bottom of the tank. Not only does this keep the water well filtered, but it also agitates and oxygenates the water with the central uplift tube providing a clean-looking feature.

binäre optionen one touch There are numerous customisations and pre-made ornaments, plants and stones you can add to a Biorb. They are also illuminated and come with everything needed to keep a Betta fish happy, although you may need to add a heater. I would suggest the Baby version or the Biorb 30 for housing a Betta fish.

Fluval nano aquariums

tadalafil tastylia prices Fluval produce a range of brilliant nano aquaria. There’s the Spec, the Edge and the Chi. All three of these are very stylish and have integrated filtration systems. I personally prefer the 19 litre Spec and I am a big fan of its back filter system hidden from view with some etched glass. The unique shape of the 19 litre Fluval Spec means you get a large viewing panel at the front compared to other similar volume tanks. The Edge and Chi are also perfectly acceptable tanks for a Betta fish.

Superfish Wave 15

problemi con iq option The Superfish Wave 15 has a lot of very nice features for a 15 litre tank. These include the hidden filter chamber (which can also hide a heater), a dimable finger-control lighting system (both white and blue LED) and the two front edges of the tank are curved. There are other nano tanks produced by Superfish which are all commonly available and perfect for Betta fish.

There are no excuses…

programma trading operazioni binarie No really, there aren’t any excuses for keeping a Betta fish in poor conditions. I have checked, and these tanks can all be found relatively inexpensively both online and in aquatic stores. On the other hand, if you want something as cheap as possible, try buying searching for a second hand tank and adding your own filter, heater, lights and décor materials.

binary options brokers with demo account Whatever you do, don’t put style over animal welfare and under no circumstances keep fish in vases!

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