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hippocampus abdominalis
Photo: Joanne Merriam

Hippocampus abdominalis, the Big-Belly Seahorse

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binära optioner program The Hippocampus abdominalis is one of the largest seahorse species with a maximum length of 35cm or 14 inches. Also known as the Pot-Bellied Seahorse, it is quite clear to see how it got its name.

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vad viagra 200 mg ser ut It’s distinctive belly isn’t the only distinctive feature this seahorse has. It often comes with spiky fronds extending from its head and males have a very prominent brooding pouch. They tend to have a mottled colouration mixing yellow and dark brown. Their snouts are long and thick.

الخيارات الثنائية يبوك 5 They are found in Australia and New Zealand in shallow waters amongst rocks, algae, seagrasses and sponges. Luckily they aren’t used in Chinese medicine like many other seahorses but they are often caught and dried for ornamental purposes owing to their large size. Of course, they are occasionally caught for the aquarium trade or as bycatch. The can also be found in Korean medicine too.

Atarax köpa If you are experienced and dedicated enough to be able to give this species a good home, then you should consider a much taller aquarium than you might normally keep given the length of this species. Temperature should be between 17 and 23°C although do remember to ask your supplier what water parameters they kept theirs at. You should be looking at a minimum tank size of 40 gallons with at least 10 to 15 gallons for each pair you have.

binäre optionen plattformen Breeding is possible and should you be able to source a pair or two for yourself the chances are that they will have been tank bred. They are sexually mature after about a year and a typical brood consists of around 300 juveniles.

binary optionen live stream The male changes colour and their yellow portion intensifies when they are ready to breed. They inflate their belly and tuck their head down. They are often seen with their tails entwined swimming together, often towards the surface. Eventually the female squirts her eggs into the male’s pouch.

analisimultiframeopzionibinariestrategia Expect to pay at least £60 ($100) per seahorse.

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