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congo river
The Congo River, creative commons by Piet Clement

I am looking to set up a west african/congo biotope…

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…I have a Juwel rio125 with a 800 litre per hour external filter. Can you advise me on fish and planting please.

congo river

binaire opties informatie The Congo River, creative commons by Piet Clement

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James Arthur Canning

binär optionen geld verdienen The Congo river is an impressive natural waterway to create a tank for. It is the deepest river in the world. As far as fish are concerned you certainly aren’t limited for choice. You must choose very carefully however as some fish from the Congo river can grow large whilst others may be territorial or aggressive. Always remember that just because you choose fish from a particular river doesn’t guarantee they will get on when kept in the same tank. There are simply too many fish species to name and it would depend on your tank parameters. There are many cichlids and anabantoids present too. You can find a list of Congo river fish species on fishbase. As far as plants go, a lot of people seem to use driftwood with Anubias or Bolbitis attached.

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أكلت الأجانب واجباتي المنزلية Since you have a 125 litre tank, I can only suggest you choose your fish very carefully. I would advise you to opt for Congo tetra with some of the smaller catfish species found on the fishbase list. To perfect the fiver biotope, I would use some leaf litter and driftwood, perhaps with the addition of river pebbles.

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