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congo biotope aquarium
James Arthur Canning's tank is coming on nicely

I am looking to stock my congo biotope soon…questions and answers

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I am looking to stock my congo biotope soon, (125ltrs planned total stocking is 2-3 synodontis Nigriventris, 5-7 Barbus fasciolatus, single pair of Pelvicachromis taeniatus), I would like a pair of Kribensis. Is it best to by a single male&female or a group?

James Arthur Canning

congo biotope aquarium

trading einsteiger ohne mindesteinzahlung binäre optionen James Arthur Canning’s tank is coming on nicely

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guadagnare su internet con azioni binarie Your tank is already filling up nicely and it seems that your chosen fish will be happy in a tank of neutral Ph, moderate to low hardness and a temperature of 24°C. Your fish do not seem overly aggressive choices either but do be sure to include a lot of natural décor to break up lines of sight when your territorial fish become just that when they start spawning. I would suggest a large piece of redmoor root which normally has a lot of nooks and crannies for hiding in.

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apprendista binario Since you already have a pair of Pelvicachromis taeniatus, I would suggest you only got a pair of Kribensis as these fish can be particularly territorial, especially when breeding. A 125 litre tank doesn’t have enough space to keep these fish apart when they start cordoning-off their own territories. You may even be better off keeping only the Striped Kribensis for best long term results.

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video guadagnare 560 opzioni binarie Maybe you could complement your existing fish with some tetra species which would pose less of a threat whilst still adding some colour to your tank. Small shoaling fish are also very good for encouraging your other fish to come out of their hidey holes.

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