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Keeping your Betta Fish Entertained

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trading opzioni binarie cos////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'è Bettas are curious fish and, believe it or not, they can get bored. It’s important to take time to stimulate your betta so that they don’t become bored and lethargic. A bored betta becomes lethargic or ‘depressed’ looking which can have an affect on their health. They may also begin fin nipping, just out of complete boredom! Keeping them entertained will also give them a chance to exercise. Although it may sound silly to exercise a fish, they need to be able to keep their muscles strong enough to carry their long heavy fins. Otherwise, they become really droopy and their bones and muscle structure become fragile. Stimulating your betta can benefit him (or her) a lot with their health. Most importantly, it lets you bond with your betta. Bonding with your pets whether it be a cat, dog, or fish is important for you and your pet. Bettas can recognize their owners and will become less shy of you the more you interact with them. You’d be surprised with the little things they can do to make you smile.

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60 sekunden trading Remember with any activity you choose to do, you avoid putting stress on your betta. If they are already easily stressed, some activities should be avoided. Every betta is different and may react differently with others. Always be responsible when playing with them and do not put them at risk. 


http://statusme.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/\ online trading top 10 Mirrors allow your betta to get some exercise by flaring their beards and strutting their stuff. Place a mirror in front of them and let them see their reflection. Soon they will start wiggling their bodies and flaring their beards. A couple of warnings: Don’t exceed 10 minutes of this activity. Some fish stress out easy so you might want to avoid this activity if your fish is this way. Avoid this activity if they already have a neighbouring betta they flare at. Use your better judgement for this activity.


ikili opsiyon analizleri You can cut a piece of thread and dip it in the water. Your betta might get curious enough and start to nip at it. You can move it around your tank and he will chase it. You can also dip the thread in the water and then in some pellets or bloodworms. The pellets/bloodworms will stick to the thread. Then hover the food over the top of the water and your betta will jump for his yummy treat. Warning: Make sure that your tank has a hood so he can’t jump out of his tank after play time is over.

Ping Pong Balls:

opcje binarne jak zarobić Some bettas like to push around floating balls. Although it might not entertain him for hours, you might find your betta pushing it around from time to time. Just let it float around in their tank.


تغطية الصفحة لاحالة Bettas like to explore. They also love to poke their heads into things. Caves not only offer a safe hiding spot for your betta but also a place to swim around and “play”. Some bettas like to go under bridges, swim around caves, or play in live plants. Keeps them entertained and busy.

White Board Markers:

ücretsiz forex sinyali If you don’t mind writing on the outside of your tank, white board markers can be a fun way to interact with your bettas. Draw a shape in front of them on the outside of the tank. Some bettas will flare at them, trace the shape as you draw them, or ignore them. It’s always worth a try and when you’re done you can erase it!

Live Food

binarni opce nevyhody The best way to stimulate your betta is with food! Here’s your chance to watch your betta use it’s hunting skills to catch a yummy treat. Live foods that you can give your betta include: Bloodworms, White Worms, Black Worms, Grindal Worms, and Brine Shrimp.
Make sure to stimulate your betta at least once a week. Playing with them is a wonderful opportunity to bond and get to know your pet betta fish.
To learn more about betta fish and betta care visit betta-adventures.weebly.com or like our Facebook Page at Facebook.com/BettaAdventures.

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opzioni binarie autorizzate da consob Betta Keeping has been a hobby I really enjoy and love to learn about. I really love to interact with these curious fish and watch them swim around when I need a moment of peace. I’ve been keeping these fish for several years and have recently bred a few. There is always much more to learn and I am currently expanding to their wild types.

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