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Flame moss
Flame moss

Light up your tank with flame moss

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iq option binary trading För Viagra 50 mg utan recept Flame moss, taxiphyllum sp. is a relatively rare and unknown species of aquarium moss. However, with little care or prior knowledge, it can be used to create spectacular living flames. Here’s why you should give this moss species a try.

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Growing conditions

http://fiontar.ie/?v=option-binäre-iq option binäre iq Flame moss is unfussy when it comes to growing conditions. Whilst co2 and high lighting will increase its growth rate, you need not worry too much; flame moss will happily accept lower light and co2 levels. It isn’t demanding when it comes to fertiliser either however, similar to most undemanding aquarium plants, flame moss will do better the more you look after it. Its growth rate is not very spectacular, growing about half a centimetre per week but hardy and regular – well worth the wait.


wie gut ist optionyard Flame moss is aptly named as it grows in a twisting, flame-like shape. It is perhaps a darker colour than other aquarium mosses and can become very thick owing to numerous side shoots. It will normally grow straight upwards towards the light and create a wall of green flame like growths. It is ideal for fry to hide in.

Flame moss application

http://jaholtom.com/?binarit=binarystation&75f=1f binarystation Flame moss, like other aquatic mosses isn’t planted into the substrate but rather attached to wood, rocks and mesh pads for use as a carpeting plant. It is best to tie it down using fishing wire as it doesn’t show up too much. It is advisable to tie it down then add a tiny blob of super glue to the end of the wire, ensuring that the fishing line doesn’t unravel sending your flame moss all over the tank.

الضرائب خيار ثنائي Flame moss should be attached in a manner that allows for thickening and growth: not too bunched up, but not too sparse as to ruin the effect.
Since flame moss grows upwards it substitute other mosses when used to cover joins and equipment in your aquarium. It isn’t well suited to moss walls.


binära optioner eu Generally, aquatic stores are hesitant to stock aquatic mosses. I have only ever seen flame moss for sale in one aquarium shop in London. It is often seen for sale on Ebay in small portions. I would advise cutting it down and retying it in your aquarium. Aided by a little patience a small clump of moss, normally sold by the gram by the way, will turn into a great feature for your aquarium within a couple of months.
Flame moss makes for a versatile, undemanding and spectacular aquarium moss. Whilst you may not get much bang for your buck when first purchasing flame moss, its ease of care and potential for strong growth makes it a good investment for your aquarium.

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