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marina slim filter review

Marina Slim Filter Review

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forex training in pakistan The hang-on-back filter, also referred to as a H.O.B filter or just a hang-on filter has often been the no-brainer choice of filter for those looking for an easy external filter that doesn’t take up too much space. The Marina Slim filter range has mastered the art of not taking up too much space whilst still having  a good volume of filter media storage.

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opcje binarne tms It comes in three sizes, the S10, S15 and S20 for aquariums up to 38, 57 and 76 litres respectively.

How slim is it?

marina slim filter thickness

الخيارات الثنائية أزواج العملات Next to a 20gram pot of fish food, you can see how slim this filter is

comefunzionanoleopzionibinarie The Marina Slim filter is exactly that – slim but long: it stretches along the edge of the tank yet doesn’t stick out as far as other hang-on-back filters. In fact, it is only protrudes 5cm from the tank making it perfect for tight gaps. It’s length, on

http://www.boligsalg-spanien.dk/?nlnl=binaire-opties-rabobank&484=a6 binaire opties rabobank the other hand, means that despite being very slim, it can still hold a good volume of filter media.

Pump performance and noise

trading applicazioni opzioni The pump that powers this filter is situated inside the tank, which on the face of it may seem like a bit of a shame given everything else is outside, but having tested this filter against the very similar Ocean Free version with an external pump, I would have to conclude that having the pump inside the tank helps tremendously to reduce vibrations. It does still produce a bit of noise which I managed to eliminate using some neoprene tape where it comes into contact with the tank. Various users have reported through fishkeeping forums that the inlet pipe can make a rattle if you push it down too hard into its slots: this is true but avoidable if you place the inlet pipe in gently. The lid needs to be well positioned as well to keep noise to a minimum.

كتب الكترونية Whilst on the subject of the pump, it is fairly small as you would expect it to be and comes with a strainer and sponge cover. This is ideal for preventing fish being sucked up the inlet tube but also prevents large particles of waste clogging up the filter media inside. There is also a flow regulator valve situated on top of the inlet pipe outside of the aquarium water.

Waterfall outlet

qualcuno guadagna con le opzioni binarie Most hang-on-back filters dispense water back into the aquarium using a waterfall and the Marina Slim filters also feature a waterfall. What is good about their waterfall is that it has bumps and lips along it which seem to kick the water out across the surface of the aquarium, a very good idea and useful for increasing gas exchange at the surface. The waterfall isn’t covered like it is with many hang-on-back filters though I’m not overly sure that covering it is necessary. I personally have used the waterfall to grow mosses and it works very well.

Filter media options

Köp Strattera 10 mg ingen recept Having read what others have had to say regarding the filter media in the Marina slim filter, I would have to agree with those that complain of it being simply poor. The filter has plenty of room for a good selection of filter media and it is supplied with three filter wool pads with carbon or zeolite inside. I would remove the zeolite one straight away and put a custom selection of media inside. I have opted for ceramic rings, Eheim Substrat Pro and some carbon sponges in mine, with a small amount of filter floss too. For those wondering what to use in theirs, I would suggest predominately biological media with a small amount of mechanical filtration in the fist chamber to polish off the water.


truffa auto opzioni binarie A good, efficient filter which takes up very little space outside of the tank and is perfect for tanks placed next to a wall where space is at a premium. The pump works well and with a few positioning adjustments can run very quietly after playing around with the position of the pipe and lid. There is oodles of space in the filter chamber for additional filter media and I would thoroughly recommend replacing all of the media it comes with in favour of plenty of biological media as it won’t clog up owing to the strainer and sponge.

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