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Pollywog Natural Décor review

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opzioni binarie consob Nothing beats the natural look and many fishkeepers give synthetic ornaments a very wide berth. Why fill your tank with pink gravel topped off with an air driven treasure chest and a plastic skull when you can add beautiful natural items that not only look great, but also improve the environment for your fish. I’ve never asked a fish what they make of such living quarters, but I doubt they’ll be familiar with it.

opzioni binarie sviluppatore For the biotope enthusiast, this collection of leaves, pods and nuts will leave your mouth watering. Pollywog provides a good variety of natural artifacts such as savu pods, brazil nut pods, various types of leaves and hidey holes for your aquarium residents.

http://300seconds.co.uk/?sefer=estrategia-inteligente-vivir-de-opciones-binarias estrategia inteligente vivir de opciones binarias The benefits of using natural items such as these are numerous. Apart from giving your fish something natural in which they can spawn, establish a territory and forage amongst, these décor items can influence your tank’s water parameters: They release tannins and acids which provide an environment closer to their natural habitat and the brown-coloured water they produce, whilst not everyone’s cup of tea, is a characteristic of many wild fish habitats.

http://studioleedsweb.co.uk/?italybinar=opzioni-binarie-broker-seri&b12=0b opzioni binarie broker seri Boiling leaves, driftwood and any pods you buy can reduce the amount of tannins and acids they release into your water. Adding activated carbon will remove a certain percentage of the tannins, however they do your soft water inhabitants no harm at all.

opzioni bianrie iq Some people believe that the addition of catappa leaves improves fish health and increased the likelihood of them spawning, although I am unable to find any concrete science to support this idea.

Below are some photos of a small selection of the items available from pollywog.co.uk.

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