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Melanotaenia boesemani

Question: Adding boesemani to a community tank

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Can a pair of boesemani be kept in a 25 gallon planted community tank that already has a couple neon tetras and a dwarf gourami?

Todd Dillon

binaire opties halal Melanotaenia boesemaniThere’s no question that your stocking levels are very sensible in terms of fish numbers. A 25 gallon planted tank is a good home for dwarf gourami and neon tetras and your plants will provide an excellent environment as well as using up nitrogenous waste. In fact, you may be slightly understocked and your neon tetra may benefit from additional numbers; try to keep them in groups of five at the very least, but a tank of 25 gallons should be able to house a decent number.

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opzioni binarie con conto deposito 50 euro Your water should be slightly acidic and fairly soft although tank bred gourami and tetra are able to live quite happily in pH neutral water with moderate hardness. Whilst they may not naturally occur together, Gourami and neon tetra are very feasible tankmates, however Melanotaenia boesemani would not be a suitable addition for a number of reasons:  They do not share the same water requirements, preferring hard water to soft. They are best kept in larger numbers as they can be skittish when kept alone. They are also active swimmers and may easily out-compete the gourami for food.

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handla Sildenafil Citrate på nätet A more suitable addition to your tank would be a female dwarf gourami (assuming yours is male) and some additional neon tetra. Rasbora such as harlequins would also work well, as would small and peaceful catfish such as corydoras. Avoid adding more than one male gourami to your setup as these can be territorial when breeding and may seek to defend a chose patch as their territory.

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