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cleaning an old aquarium tank

Question: cleaning an old tank

What’s the best way of cleaning an old and neglected but very nice tank? Lots of scale, quite thick but scraped most off. It’s the cloudiness that the scale has left behind I’m having trouble with. Any ideas?


Thanks for your question Mo.

It’s nice you cleaning an old tank and extending its life however there are a few steps to take and equally a few things to look out for.

You really must check the seals and fill the tank with water to ensure it still has no leaks before starting cleaning operations.

If by lots of scale you are referring to the calcareous deposits on the tank cleaning an old aquarium tankglass known as limescale then a good soaking with vinegar would help nicely. Soak a paper towel in vinegar then leave it on the glass where you’re having trouble with limescale. After a while, remove the paper towel and give the glass a good wipe.

If you have still got a layer of biofilm on the glass, a good way of removing it would be bleach.

Be sure to rinse your tank thoroughly before setting it up and use plenty of dechlorinator to remove any bleach you use.


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