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zebra danio biotope

Question: natural Zebra Danio Biotope

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zebra danio biotope‏What is a natural zebra danio biotope?

James Neasham

binäre option tricks Zebra Danio, Danio rerio, are found in India and do not necessarily require an elaborate manifold system to provide strong flow in the aquarium. in many instances, the Zebra Danio is found in slow flowing or stagnant waters. They are equally at home amongst marginal vegetation and rice plants which are easy to pick up at aquatic stores and can be grown at home.

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köp viagra 20mg Providing you have the correct water parameters, a biotope could consist of a sandy substrate (they are often found in silt but sand will do nicely) with plenty of plants. You could use marginal plants, such as the ones you can buy for your pond and allow them to grow in your aquarium, providing you don’t have a lid on your tank.

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consigli trading If you fancy growing your own rice plants then you can do so quite easily. There are many guides on the internet on the matter and there’s little expense involved. Failing that, there are numerous species of marginal plants used widely in ponds.

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الخيارات الثنائية للأسهم Others prefer a river setup with driftwood branches and a selection of pebbles or rocks to give the impression of a fast flowing river. Some aquarists can be a little over zealous with flow rates in these setups, especially when there’s nowhere for the fish to escape the onslaught, however Zebra Danio are happy active swimmers.

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