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Question: Stocking a 10 Gallon Tank

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programvara binära optioner handla med binära optioner flashback I have 10g tank with 5 neon tetra and 2 assasin snails. I know I’m limited in what I can add but could you suggest anything?

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Tastylia Wholesaler black neon tetraNeon tetra are a peaceful species that make for good community aquarium inhabitants. they prefer soft water but are able to live in pH neutral water, especially tank-bred specimens. Your assassin snails produce relatively little in terms of waste and are actually rather good scavengers, not to mention their ability to keep pest snails in check.

binäre optionen otc You could add a few more neon tetra as they feel more secure in larger groups, however five is not a bad number as a very minimum. You could also add alternative tetra species, such as the black neon tetra which is a surprisingly colourful fish.

updated forex rates in pakistan Alternatively, if you have soft water, you could think about adding a pair of Apistogramma however you should research their needs first; Apistogramma require hiding places, soft water and can become territorial. They would however make an excellent breeding project, and are very popular as such in the hobby. In a small tank, you will need to provide plenty of décor when keeping Apistogramma and make sure you get a pair, not two males. Apistogramma should only be added to a very mature aquarium, especially wild caught ones. Whilst not the easiest of fish, they can be an absolute delight to committed fishkeepers who are happy to provide them with a healthy environment and meet their specific needs.

markets world Several rasbora species could fit the bill, even though they are not from the same part of the world as tetra or Apistogramma, providing you research their needs.

http://localbusinessesusa.com/?koktel=handelssignale-bin%C3%A4re-optionen-kostenlos handelssignale binäre optionen kostenlos Always test your water before adding more fish and be sure to add fish in small increments rather than doubling your aquarium population all of a sudden. Your filter bacteria require time to meet the increase in waste produced by additional biological loads.

http://desummaandwexler.com/?vectrait=strategie-iq-option&df4=43 strategie iq option There are a good number of possibilities, but stick to fish that share the same water requirements as your neons.

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