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Pelvicachromis puncher
Sexing Kribensis when young can be difficult. Photo: Creative Commons Tino Strauss

Questions and Answers: Sexing fish in a shop, Pelvicachromis pulcher

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What’s the easiest way to sex Pelvicachromis pulcher in a shop? Their colours are often washed out and on the small side.

James Arthur Canning

tel 3917483 banc de binary opzioni binarie Whether it’s Pelvicachromis pulcher or any other fish, they can be very difficult to sex in the shop.

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http://beeline-music.de/allgemein/2007-01-26/aus-dem-schnitttagebuch-3-teil?replytocom=314 onetwotrade For small, shoaling species, it is very easy to sex them – you don’t. It is remarkably unlikely that you will fail to have at least one of each gender if you purchase ten small fish such as neon tetra. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of territorial fish that you wish to purchase as a single pair.

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binäre optionen forum erfahrungen The second difficulty is that fish are sent to aquatic shops as soon as they attain a saleable size, which is by no means anywhere near sexual maturity. Quite often, as is the case with Pelvicachromis Pulcher, sexual characteristics develop as the fish matures. In fact, females of this species will become more round and purple bellied as they near spawning conditions whereas males will grow larger than females and develop more pointed fins.

Pelvicachromis pulcher

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investire on line If that wasn’t difficult enough, you may fins that only males are sold for many species, especially wild-caught fish as it is only the males that show the best colouration – who would want a tank full of dull-as-dishwater female endlers?

http://thegobblersknob.com/?savikshyster=opciones-binarias-a-5-minutos&cb0=6d opciones binarias a 5 minutos The best way to ensure you get a pair is to either look closely at every known difference between the two genders or wait a few weeks until they have had time to develop their mature features. In the case of the particular kribensis you mentioned, I would suggest taking a close look at their body shapes and compare them against each other – females should be rounded but not bulging whilst males will be more streamlined. Use the black line that runs along the side of the fish as a visual reference for gauging how round-bellied the fish is – this line should appear straight for males and slightly kinked for females. Then move on to the caudal fin shape which should come to more of a point for males.

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