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serpae tetra
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Serpae Tetra, Not Your Normal Grey Fish

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http://lesbian-spankings.com/?siska=iq-optino iq optino Fin-nippers or not, these fish are bright, colourful and active. Devoid of the dull grey that can dominate the flanks of most tetra species, the Serpae Tetra, Hyphessobrycon eques, is a fantastic great alternative shoaling fish.

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opzioni binarie unicredit They are a bright red colour with a black diamond just behind their gills and black stripes on their fins. Their fins are fairly long and often lure bites from other fish. Naturally occurring amongst Amazon river vegetation and root tangles in Madeira and Guaporé, this fish makes an excellent contrast in planted tanks featuring bogwood and root systems. For best results, keep this fish in a not too brightly lit Amazon biotype tank with plenty of plants and you’ll be rewarded with some very intense colouration on these fish.

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bdswiss highfly wochen punkte Since Serpae Tetra only grow to 4 cm in length, a shoal of 6 or more can be kept in tanks of 10 gallons and upwards. It is important to keep as many Serpae as your tank size will allow to ensure aggression resulting from these fish trying to establish dominance isn’t directed at one or two weaker individuals.

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handelen in binaire opties ervaringen Serpae Tetra aren’t much of a challenge to look after providing you give them slightly soft and acidic water to live in. They will accept flake food and enjoy frozen or dried supplements.

opcje binarne wyniki You would suppose the biggest challenge they pose is their tendency to nip their tankmates’ fins. This can be overcome by housing them with other tetras and avoiding long-finned species such as angelfish or guppies.

opzioni su azioni Breeding is possible if you give them soft water and can be achieved with a spawning medium such as Java moss and a dimly lit area. Tetra will eat their fry so parents must be removed after spawning for best results.

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