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Lowering Aquarium pH – the Most Effective Methods

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any option Why lower aquarium pH? It may not have escaped your notice that many of the fish we keep in our aquariums prefer soft, acidic water to thrive. Whilst tank-bred specimens of fish that inhabit soft and acidic waters are often happy in pH-neutral water with moderate hardness, soft, acidic water is preferable and absolutely essential for many breeding projects. Some ...

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Stress in Fish

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stress in fish

sono sicure le opzioni binarie What is Stress Stress in fish should be taken seriously because it is real and it has many causes most of which may go unnoticed by aquarist especially when new to the hobby. When a fish encounters an unfavourable stimulus which are likely to adversely affect the fish it reacts in a to protect itself. Such unfavourable stimuli are referred ...

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Research Before You Buy – What You’re looking for

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optionbroker demokonto The expression “research before you buy” is thrown around the fishkeeping hobby like a hot potato but this one’s no myth – it’s a fundamental commandment of fishkeeping. But what exactly are you looking for and what exactly are you supposed to be researching? Tank size and décor You need to know how big a tank you’ll need to keep ...

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