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Pond and Lake Algae: Friend or Foe?

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This article has been contributed by Lake Restoration We often think of algae as annoying green scum covering our fish tanks, ponds, and water features. Sometimes we think of those “algal blooms” that happen every summer. We walk by lakes, reservoirs and ponds with noses turned up at the awful smell as valuable oxygen is consumed and other water life ...

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How would you get rid of black algae growing on plants leaves like amazon sword or java fern?

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java fern

http://www.goydc.com/?dunga=lavorare-con-leopzionibinarie-efare-soldi&7e9=6a lavorare con leopzionibinarie efare soldi SA Aquatic In all honesty, there is only one way you can remove black algae growing on plant leaves – you chop them off. Of course, it is advisable to use all of the prevention methods detailed in my previous answer on removing black algae, but frankly there is no hope of scrubbing plant leaves with a toothbrush. When removing ...

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