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Pterois: The Florida Invasion

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iq option demo Two of the pterois species have developed themselves as a significant invasive species on the East Coast of the USA and the Caribbean, particularly in Florida. Pterois, or lionfish, are a genus of venomous marine fish originally found in the Indo-Pacific. Pterois, in particular the red and common lionfish, are native to tropical and subtropical regions stretching from Southern Japan ...

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The Cherub Pygmy Angelfish – Centropyge argi binary options trading live signals robot
Cherub Pygmy Angelfish

binära optioner trender The Cherub Pygmy Angelfish, Cherubfish or simply the Pygmy Angel, is a bright little gem perfect for smaller sized aquaria. They boast a deep, royal blue to purple body contrasted by a bright orange-gold face and eyes. With an average full-grown length of 8cm, these fish are excellent choices for nano reef aquariums but should be welcome additions to larger ...

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Living Dangerously – Venom in the Marine Aquarium

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Blue-spotted ribbon tail ray

binary option robot opinioni Venom is widely used within the animal kingdom for both predation and protection. Current estimates gauge the number of venomous fish species alone to be in excess of 1,200. Venom is the term given to a variety of toxins that can be administered by an animal. Venomous species differ from poisonous species in that they are equipped with a modified ...

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