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Tetratec Easy Crystal Filter 250 Review

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Tetratec Easy Crystal Filter 250First Impressions

http://cdaybell.com/?rest_route=/oembed/1.0/embed periactin in canada First impressions of this filter are that it’s neatly designed but attention is surely drawn to the waterfall style outlet at the top of the filter unit. There is no spray bar or outlet pipe but rather an open lip at the front

binäre option system for water to escape. You could almost classify this filter as an internal hang-on-back filter.


indicatori opzioni binarie stocatico In a nutshell, this is what the Tetratec Easy Crystal 250 has to offer:

  •  Biological, mechanical and carbon filtration;
  •  Easy filter replacement (Tetra call it one touch cartridge replacement);
  • The 300 version has a heater concealing chamber;
  •  TÜV/GS tested;
  • 2 year guarantee;
  •  250 litres per hour;
  • 3.5 watts power consumption;
  • For aquariums 15 to 40 litres in volume;
  • Roughly 1.8m power cable length – relatively good compared to other internal filters;
  • 94mm wide by 86mm long by 190mm high (measured by myself, not official dimensions);
  • RRP £19.95

Tetratec Easy Crystal 250Tetratec Easy Crystal 250 appearance and features

sistemi trade binario The filter is very sleek and there is minimal disruption to the appearance of your tank. If you have a black background then it blends in nicely. The water inlet grill is narrow enough to prevent impeller clogging but wide enough to let small dirt particles into the filter. This should ideally be covered if you have fry in your tank.

does stock options trading work The main filter chamber is wide and spacious and allows for good water flow. The main distinguishing feature of the Tetratec Easy Crystal 250 is the outlet lip which can function as a waterfall for good oxygenation if you position the filter high enough or can be used to agitate the surface by placing the outlet in line with the water’s surface. The motor and impeller aren’t the easiest to access requiring a screwdriver to open the bottom section although this is a minor issue.

What filter media options are there?

deklarera binära optioner The filter media consists of two large sheets that stretch right the way down the filter chamber. The first and largest is primarily responsible for mechanical filtration and consists of two filter pads that are fairly dense and similar to filter floss. They do a very good job of collecting dirt and are kept in shape by the plastic frame used to slot them into the filter. There are two versions of this double filter pad available, one with activated carbon inside and one without. The other sponge is a biological filter sponge, also inserted on a plastic frame into the front half of the filter. It is also very efficient. Replacement costs are roughly £2 – 3 for the biological sponges and £7-10 for a pack of three large pads. The large and flat shape of the sponges makes them very good at maintaining flow through the filter without clogging.

Is it efficient?

كيف يمكنني كسب المال الاضافي من المنزل Running this filter is very efficient requiring only 3.5 watts to pump and filter 250 litres of water per hour. Whilst the filter was not completely silent when I first switched it on, it soon settled down and now after a few weeks of running it I can’t even hear it sat just a few feet away.

Is maintenance easy?

finans online forex Yes. Very easy. The one-touch replacement system works very well. Similar to the Fluval filters, the filter media can be accessed from the top meaning you don’t have to pull it out of the water to replace the media. I would go as far as to say that the Tetratec Easy Crystal 250 is easier to maintain than the Fluval range. Some of the muck from the filter pads can be lost back into the water upon changing but this is normally minimal. You should only change one of the filter pads at a time to allow bacteria levels to remain healthy.

Should you buy it?

Köp 10 mg Strattera med visum This filter is great for smaller tanks with no fast flow requirements. It is very easy to set up and use and can be customised in terms of filter media. It doesn’t have the turnover rate to filter larger tanks but remains a very good filter on the whole.

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