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tmc aquaray mini 400 led aquarium light

TMC Aquaray Mini LED 400 Aquarium Light Tile Review

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http://agrupjrosa.net/?chort=ctoption-test-erfahrung ctoption test erfahrung Many small aquarium lighting units, often sold for nano tanks, offer fairly average light output, and that’s putting it generously. In light of this, many nano aquascapers have taken to the habit of using two compact fluorescent lights over their tanks, typically 11 watts each to provide the light their plants need.

binära optioner online Tropical Marine Centre, on the other hand, produce a range of lighting that provides a solution for any sized tank and have a very good offering for nano tank owners. The Tropical Marine Centre Mini LED 400 is small LED aquarium light suitable for tanks up to 50 litres. It also comes with a rather impressive 5 year guarantee. 

paul junker binäre optionen Using four Osram SSL LEDs, this small unit provides natural-looking light that’s capable of penetrating right to the bottom of your tank and creating the popular ripple effect. Even more impressive, is the fact that this unit uses only 12 watts and has a lgiht temperatue of 6,500k.

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Light output

köpa Viagra i polen The TMC Mini LED 400 produces a lot of light given its low wattage and small size. It is considerably brighter than the seemingly-standard double compact fluorescent lamp combo and, thanks to the nature of LED lighting, this light penetrates the water very well. Its rating for 50 litre tanks actually seems to be a slight underestimate and there are absolutely no dark spots when using this light. Many people dim this light using the Aquaray controller and find it produces ample light output even at 50%.

was ist der unterschied zwischen binären optionen und copy trading This is a very good choice for both marine and planted tanks.

Design & mounting

كسب المال على كاميرا ويب The unit is small, easy to mount and produces very little heat. It has a very good reflector and offers a number of different mounting options. The first of these is the TMC Mountaray bracket but you can also use the TMC Mini LED 400 with the MMS mounting system, either on its own or part of a number of tiles and strips mounted on the MMS system. It is equally possible to buy a suspension kit from TMC that affixes to the ceiling above the tank.

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Aquaray controller

anlık forex sinyalleri The TMC Mini LED 400 can be controlled using the TMC controller. This is a very easy to use device that allows you to dim the light as a percentage of its total brightness, configure the sunrise and sunset options and choose when you want your lights to turn on and off.

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